Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boxoholics Anonymous

Hi, My name is DJ and I'm a boxoholic.

Isn't that the first step to rehab? When you can admit your addiction? If only there were such a thing as boxoholics anonymous. I think there are a lot of us out there (including my cat) who have the inability to "just say NO" to a good box! LOL

Well I realized I had an addiction when my friend came over last Monday to stitch and I pulled out my most recent acquisition. Yes, it was another new box, with an interesting lid and a cool way to attach the lid!! What can I say? I NEED them, and they NEED a good home! So they often fall off the shelf into my shopping cart and I carry them home to make use of them. I'm getting pretty good at finding good homes for these boxes! LOL Here are only a very FEW of my pretties...now tell me, don't you feel the need to have a few of them yourself? Let me ask you something....can you guess what my favorite color is? LOL

And when I finally acknowledged I had this addiction, of course you begin to see it in others too. Like my little friend, Thomas. He LOVES a new box! Another friend came over last Thurs to stitch and she brought along a box of goodies for us to eat (and I have to say, I couldn't wait until this week, I had to eat the wonderful dinner she brought the next night!) And in doing so, Thomas got a new box! We had to laugh, because I emptied it, and set it on a chair. When DH came home and saw it sitting there, he said "Watch this"... and he dropped the box about a foot from Thomas' previous box, and counted to three. Before he got th...out of his mouth, Thomas had woken from a sound sleep, sniffed in the direction of the new box, hopped out of his old box, and stepped into his new box. It was almost as if he did it in his sleep! We laughed our heads off! Hm...this addiction...either it runs in the family (more like gallops) or there's something in the water around here!!

He looks comfy doesn't he? Wish I could sleep like that in a new bed!!

With surgery looming tomorrow (did I say TOMORROW??) I had some last minute business I had to take care of. I am ashamed to admit it, I had my Mother's Day gift to my Mom hanging around here (as well as to DH's Mom too), my Mother's Birthday gift, a friend's birthday gift (a purse mirror for her 50th Birthday!)(pictured below),
and tons of thank you cards to get mailed. I was busy over the weekend getting things wrapped, boxed and signed. They were all mailed yesterday so if you've been waiting, you can actually start looking for them to arrive. I'm behind in letter writing still though, so you'll have to wait on that...sorry folks. I can only be productive in little spurts these days, and even that takes the stuffing out of me! LOL I'm afraid it may take a little while longer to get those letters written, nothing to write about except how many holes are in the ceiling both in my bedroom and the one at the hospital...LOL

I mentioned last post that I had gotten more flowers. I don't think Bob and Peggy had gotten to see pictures...so here are a few. Every day they look prettier!! Thanks again!

Today was DS's last day of school! Just in time for him to be my constant companion for the next round of surgery! Lucky him! LOL He brought home his tech ed project today, and I just had to show it off! What a great job he did, don't you think? Anyone for a gumball? He better hide this beauty, gum is one of my weaknesses, and they'll be gone in a heartbeat if they stay on the kitchen counter! YUMMY!

Yesterday was a full day of poking and prodding. I had two tests. One I had to drink this awful stuff (Barium that was apple flavored...YUCK!) Then I had to put my arms up over my head (not easy to do after a mastectomy...let me tell you!!! OUCH!) while they took pictures and injected contrasting dye into my veins. I ran from there to a heart test where they took some blood, inserted a radioactive isotope into it, then re-injected it back into my bloodstream. I mentioned to the lady, that was the first time I'd had blood drawn and they had given it back, it was about time, as the well was running dry! LOL Then I spent some time holding my arms over my head again, this time for 30 minutes! I have to say, I was pretty sore after that! I was afraid the room would glow when I turned out the lights last night, with all that radioactive/chemical stuff they filled me with yesterday. *shaking head* The stuff they do to you to make you better....it's a puzzlement!!

Well, off to take a snooze. I have to rest up for tomorrow. Let's say a prayer that they don't find anymore cancer in anymore lymph nodes! I'm sure that will put my mind at ease (not to mention the doctor's too!). See you after surgery! *Hugs*

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Kathy said...

DJ, Prayers are winging there way. You will be in my thoughts and prayer tomorrow.

As for the box addiction. Yup, Hi my name is.......... My boxes have boxes. :)