Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting ready...

Hi folks!

Hope you all are enjoying your week. Lots of things are going on in our house this week...as you can imagine. Lots to do to get ready for Thursday. It feels like I'm going on a trip...and I guess in a way it is a journey of sorts. So I'm making plans and getting ready.

It's weird what runs through your mind when you are getting ready for something like this. I want to make things as easy as I can on my family and friends. I want to be self-sufficient as quick as I can so I'm trying to think of ways to make it easier on myself. Slip on shoes and blouses with buttons, not to mention pjs with buttons and do I have any of these? Nooooo...so, guess what? I see a little retail therapy in my future! However, I'm also thinking, clothes are going to fit differently after this surgery, so what's a girl to do? I am a complicated shopper...REALLY...I tend to over-think things a bit too much. And guess what else? DH has decided he wants to take the day I intended to spend shopping off work so we can spend it together. *sigh* He HATES shopping with me. Hm....I think we'll take in a movie instead. There's always Walmart at 2 AM when sensible people are sleeping!! LOL If only Kohls had late night hours.

Today I spent cleaning. Another of those weird things running through my head. It wasn't just a little "feather dusting" cleaning I intended to do. I wanted a deep anti-bacterial cleaning. I'm scared stiff of infections (having had a little nursing training a million years ago ...{and YES according to DS I REALLY am THAT OLD!! LOL} ... I've always been a bit pesky over germs...but I rarely get sick because I am that careful!!) I've heard a few horror stories about this type of surgery and healing and infections and I REALLY don't want to go through any of that, so now my whole house smells of Lysol. LOL I have to admit, it was a real challenge today, and it did take all day. I really pulled a "DJ" and took a tumble down the stairs yesterday as I was attempting to get ready for work. I haven't had much sleep (again...I know) and as I was headed down the stairs to get breakfast, I lost my balance and "whoops" landed on the landing about 6 steps down, right on my right shoulder. *shaking head* So today every movement felt like a hot poker through my arm. Leave it to me!! Well, the good news is, in a few days, I'll have all kinds of meds to keep me from feeling that sore shoulder!!

I've also rounded up a few good books I've always wanted to read. I've kitted up a few small projects (mostly Christmas ornaments) I've been meaning to stitch. I've been searching through my DVD's and making a list of movies I want to watch while I'm eating bon-bons and popping pills. I'm going to milk this for all it's worth!!! If I can't convalesce in the south of France, I'm going to make my home as vacation and fun worthy as possible. And I've invited friends over to help share the good times! Let's just hope I'll be in the mood for all this "fun"! LOL

Last but not least, is a little thought to meals. I've had a lot of folks talking about bringing over meals. I feel very humbled by this and DH keeps saying things like..."Don't they know I can cook?" I'm grateful, but I also know that the gravy train is only going to run for so long. So I'm trying to think of things I can stock up on in the freezer. That means a trip to the grocery store. You should see my list!!! And unless you've ever been in the military, a trip to the commissary is not like any regular grocery store!! I've waited in lines that have stretched around the store twice just to check out! By the time surgery rolls around, they aren't going to need anesthesia, I'll just collapse from exhaustion and perhaps we'll save a little on the medical expenses!

I'm chuckling to myself here, because I keep thinking that with all this planning, wouldn't it be funny if I was up and about in a week? Oh well, "Better to have and not need than need and not have", I always say! As I said to one of my friends today, I feel like I'm planning for the D-Day invasion, between coordinating the meals, getting DS to school activities the day of surgery and church activities the day I come home from the hospital, and other stuff, I think I could run the country after this. Hm... what a thought...maybe I WILL run for office when I'm through! DJ for President! Hm...with all this planning, I don't think I'll be ready by the 27th. Well, with all my lack of sleep, I'll just have to keep working through the night. Off to carry through on my plans....wish me luck!



Hillery said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you. Good Luck.

Babs said...

So glad to see you post in the midst of all this "stuff". You really are going to need your strength, but I know moving is better than sitting and thinking. Praying for you, DJ, a quiet, restful, speedy recovery. Sorry about the fall...slow down just a little?

Kathy said...

It sounds like you are trying to exhaust yourself so you won't need the anethesia for the surgery You will just pass out from lack of sleep. LOL

Good luck and many prayers will be with you.

Jo said...

I was only thinking about you earlier while cooking the kids dinner. Sounds like you're trying to get everything done in 'super' mode. Will be praying for you, take care & lots of rest xx

nutmegg said...

Dear DJ I will be thinking of you and saying a prayer for you............take care dear friend...love and hugs to you....xoxoxo

Mylene said...

Sending good thoughts your way. I hope everything goes well tomorow. ((hugs))

Raven/Missy said...

Sounds like you are planning ahead very well. Getting books, movies, and small stitching kits ready to go to keep you occupied after the surgery and during recovery. I continue to pray for you and your family!

((((HUGS DJ ))))