Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wallpaper Wars!

Tell me why...why does a 14 year old find the most inventive ways of getting under your skin? I think he should have a brother or a sister to pester. Then maybe he would leave me alone!

It can be a pain sharing a computer with a teenager. They seem to think the machine belongs to them! Who paid for this machine, I ask you!?!? Now to put this in perspective, I live in a household with all males. Even the cat is a male. So I try to find ways to place my feminine mark. I like to turn on my computer and find something inspirational on my desktop wallpaper. I search periodically for something soothing, something lady-like to brighten up my otherwise testosterone infested world. I've found pictures of waterfalls, lovely flowers, cross stitched pieces, wonderful landscapes and even world famous sights. I place it on my desktop as a wallpaper and my world has a little beauty, or culture to enhance my experience in this world.

I come back after my son has used the computer to find two hockey players punching each other, one of a guy losing his teeth all over the ice. As I type, the Ravens football team is high fiving itself after it's latest win. Eeek!

There was a time I had fervently wished for a child. This is where that phrase "Be careful what you wish for" comes into play. We were married 11 years before we were graced with a child. When I found out I was "with child" I searched high and low for a girls name and settled on Meagan Grace. I couldn't think of a boys name to save my life. One week before we had my son, I found out by accident that he would be a boy. I had to think of one quick because I knew they were going to induce labor one week later...and finally settled on one. (I'll give you a hint, his name was one of the Walton's sons names LOL Told you I was desperate!) I've been told boys are easier to raise. I've been told DS was mellow even before he was born...and he is the most mellow child I've ever known. I wouldn't trade him for the world! However...there are times I wish I had another female vote, especially when it came to watching something on tv. There is ALWAYS some sporting event on tv and my chick flicks get voted down every time. We have been to more sporting events then you can shake a stick at, and very few plays or other "cultural" events. *Sigh*

So I guess if you can't beat them, join them. I'm going to look for a woman's basketball sport picture to use for my desktop wallpaper. *evil grin*


Kathy said...


Since I have 5 (yes, F-I-V-E) brothers nothing at all would surprise me about teenage boys.

I would tease and say they should be put in cages from age 11 to 24. By then they start to become human again. LOL Well, they are all over 25 now and except for one (we won't go there) I wouldn't trade them for anything. So I guess the improved with age. :)

Good luck. LOL

Dawn said...

Dj, I have exactly the same problem, only my DS has his own PC, but has to change my desktop to his liking when my back is turned. The other day he even made my top bar smaller,it took ages to change back.

Go for it girl with your own girlie sport pic.

They don't improve with age though, when older DS was at home we had some questionable things pop up from time to time, Lol!!

Joke said...

DJ, I should buy a pink Mac


Ann said...

Our house has been male dominated too, I notice that I'm more 'girly' in my choices than friends who have girls though !?!? It's nice to have a DIL, I have someone to share my hobby with now.