Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Hi there!

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. You just can't imagine how busy I've been. It was sincerely nuts at the framing shop this Christmas. We were waiting for one lady to finish with college classes to show up and help us out. She didn't finish until a wee
k before Christmas. There was a huge snowstorm that dumped 21 inches the weekend before Christmas and I couldn't make it in to work for a day. It was "torture" to stay home and stitch *wink* but that just put me way behind schedule so when the doors did open back up, I was hard pressed to catch up. There was a co-worker with a dislocated shoulder who couldn't help for two months prior to Christmas and another who was in a car accident three weeks before Christmas and was told by her doctor not to work. That left me and the man who cuts and joins the frames. Needless to say I worked like a mad woman and finished with all the Christmas projects two hours before we closed on Christmas eve. I was exhausted and asked for a week off after Christmas BUT the guys were home, and we couldn't leave them without entertainment, so I think I've played every Beatles song known to man on the Beatles Rock Band game DS has for his wii. I either play the drums (can you imagine? LOL) or I sing (even worse!!) But I have to admit it is fun!! I went to a couple of movies (Christmas Carol in 3D which was AMAZING) and Hm...what was the other one? Oh yeah, Avatar (I could have left that one alone! LOL) I also stayed up until midnight to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I had a "stitch day" at my house for a few of my stitching friends. That involved cleaning my house (we won't describe the condition before my friends arrived to accommodate those with a weak stomach! LOL) but it was worth the work, we had a nice day. We went to a museum to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. Now that was interesting! You can learn more about that here . There is another exhibit I would like to see, the Terra Cotta Warriors, which is at the National Geographic Museum in DC and you can learn more about that here . We are hoping to see that one in February. There is also a collection of Nativities at a church community center in DC that I'm hoping to see before it leaves at the end of this month. I'm on overload!!! LOL

I didn't get as much rest as I would have liked in the first week so decided to take a second week off. I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia a few months ago and my iron levels are still not up to par, so with all the rush of things, I just feel exhausted, and as I told my mother, I can't even get out of my own way! LOL Hopefully with this second week, I'll catch up....but....the car needs service, and our sump pump failed yesterday so the repairman is coming tomorrow and the car is getting serviced on rest for the wicked as they say! LOL Hopefully I'll find time to get some stitching done while I wait for repairs here and there.

Now to the fun stuff! I did a little last minute stitching and framing for some folks. Dawn was so lovely to send me a few things including a stitched Christmas ornament so I quickly finished something for her. This was a freebie pattern I got from Val's stuff. Here it is...

I like to give a few little gifts to coworkers, so I had stitched this piece a little while ago, and framed it for a friend at the store. Here it is in it's frame. This is Live Love Laugh by La-D-Da.

And now for my progress on the Camelot Sampler!


Kathy said...

It sure sounds like you need a third week off. :)
The little snowman one is just adorable and the frameing for the LAdDa piece is gorgeous. And so is the stitching.
Camelot is going to be stunning. beautiful work so far.
I hope work slows a little bit for you or that you help comes back. Take care and Happy New Year to you too.

Terri said...

Your stitching is completely wonderful. DJ. Looks like you have a stunning wip. Cannot wait to see more of Camelot

Anonymous said...

DJ, thanks for the chuckle on not being able to get out of your own way...I'll have to use that around here :)
Wish you could take another week off to feel better. Your work is beautiful, both framing and stitching and a very thoughtful thing you did.
Camelot will be stunning.
babs in alabama

Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading all of that, LOL!!! Love the Camelot Sampler; that piece is amazing. and the Freebie framed snowman is so ADORABLE!!! I need to add that one to my to-do list.
Stay's cold in Al also this week.

Dawn said...

The snowman was gorgeous and I shall be posting pics of the whole package that you sent me DJ. I just loved it all. Thank you so much once again especially as you were so busy just before Christmas.
Your other pieces which you have shown here are just are a brilliant stitcher,

Love and Hugs.