Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going Crazy, Wanna come?

It's been a while since I posted, and though I've done a little stitching, I decided not to post any pictures today. Instead I'll just tell you what's been going on.

As you know I've been asked to be a bridesmaid in a co-worker's wedding. I've been trying to find ways to be supportive other than discussing things with her while working. Last Friday we spent the day at the dress shop, finding accessories and getting a fitting done. I was totally shocked to find out that the alterations are going to cost more than the dress did in the first place ... I am DEFINITELY in the wrong profession! LOL!! We did a quick turn around some crafts stores to look for suggestions of place cards and favors. Then I found out that she hasn't even sent out her invitations (and the wedding is mid-March!!). So...I volunteered to help her finish printing, assembling and addressing her invitations. Since we both had Monday off, that's what we spent the day doing. In a few weeks (after the invitations have had a chance to reach their destinations) I'll post her invites. I think they came out rather nicely. I'm still working on the Camelot Sampler, and when I get a chance, I'll post my progress. I've finished the sword block and am working on the back stitching of "Queen Christina". I showed my progress to her yesterday and she noticed that the Queen's dress is her favorite color, and the King's clothing is his favorite color. I told her that I knew that of course *wink* and had planned that all along! haha The biggest challenge I'm going to face is getting his last name to fit in the "Camelot" space. I think I'll save that for nearer the end. *Grin*

The next big space I'm going to be working on is the vines. Someone posted in one of the yahoo groups I belong to that that particular area was her most difficult part. It does seem like a bit of a challenge...but I'm anxious to start on it...it will be something different from what I've been doing. Wish me luck!

DS is in the middle of mid term exams. Trying to get him to study is like pulling teeth. But DH's birthday is a few days away now and I still haven't found him a gift. So I think I'll be heading out to the big shopping center nearby to begin the torturous job of finding him a gift. You have to know DH. If I ask him "What do you want?" I'll get a resounding "NOTHING". I have no clue what to get him, and the honest fact is that he really doesn't want anything. He's hard to shop for. So...with that said... *adjusting my shopping gear in order to enter the fray*...I'm off to accomplish the impossible (and tilt at a few windmills along the way). *Hugs*


Gillie said...

I have a "nothing" guy too! Good Luck!

Jo said...

Wish my DH was a nothing guy...I get a list of camera accessories that cost an arm and a leg!! Good luck to your DS in his exams.