Friday, January 29, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction...

Hi there! Did the title get your attention? Well, grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy my little tale. It will surely have you in stitches!!

Speaking of stitches, let's get a little "show and tell" out of the way first. Here are some pictures of my progress on the Camelot Sampler. I have been working hard at the store so only get snatches of time to stitch. I'm feeling less stressed as it seems to be coming along a bit faster lately. I know it will slow down once I'm down to the outlining of things, but for now...feel the breeze as I whip up the twisted vines and begin the castle!!

Now, on to the tale of the wardrobe malfunction. Let's go back a couple of weeks when I finally got word that the dress I ordered for my co-workers wedding arrived. She and I drove to the store to try it on and see how everything looked. I realized (because there is very little front to this dress and even less back) that I would need some strapless undergarments. Let me premise this by saying that I've been losing weight. Quite a bit actually, without really trying (I didn't want to lose any more weight after I ordered the dress, but still lost about 10 pounds). So, I squeeeeze myself into my bustier, get out my flat heeled shoes that I'm wearing with the dress, and try on the dress. It was a perfect fit when I ordered it several months ago, but now I see that I'm going to need alterations. It's now too long, the straps that run from under my armpits up around my neck are now too long and the hook and eye that is supposed to keep it in place will not stay hooked. So, I walk out of the changing room to let the Bride get a look, while looking down so I don't trip over the hem, the hook unhooks, the straps fall and because I'm leaning a bit forward, well you can imagine the rest. The only thing covering me up was my bustier! LOL!!! Let's face it, ladies, at my age, that bustier wasn't really doing a bang up job!! Thank heavens there were no men around as they would have gotten quite a show! Fortunately the ladies working in the bridal shop see my little "malfunction" and immediately usher me into the room where the fittings take place. No doubt in their minds that this dress needs alterations, not to mention perhaps a snap or two. LOL I now have a new appreciation for Janet Jackson and her little mishap at the Super bowl. I'm feeling like a kindred spirit, even though I only faced a few dozen people. LOL!!!

Now I come home, and explain to my DH that I am going to spend more in alterations than I did for the dress originally and tell him, through fits of hysterical laughing, the story of my wardrobe malfunction. He has a imaginative mind, and can not only picture the scene, but I can tell by that twinkle in his eye that he is getting some impure thoughts. Now he is wanting to go with me to see how the dress fits. I know what HE'S thinking, and I don't believe they allow men back in the fitting room anyway, so I THINK I'm safe. I'm headed there in about an hour. I hope things will now stay where they belong and that I don't become a star attraction at the wedding by doing an impromptu striptease while parading down the aisle. Wouldn't that be a sad sight on you-tube? LOL!!

I think DH has quite an evening planned as DS is going to a "lock-in" at the church tonight. They are going to be playing games all night, kind of an olympic event of games and DS has signed up to play chess. He packed up his "necessities" and our Charlie Brown chess set and is now headed off for the weekend. After my dress fitting we'll be headed out for dinner and a movie. Not sure which one we'll be seeing, but I'll let you know another time. So, ladies (and gents) have a wonderful evening! *Hugs*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Job Well Done...

*Heavy sigh*

It was a long day today, and I was only at work for 6 hours. LOL Isn't it funny how some days you are so busy that when you turn your back, the day is over before it's really begun (that happens on my days off! LOL) and other days the time drags on and on.

Monday was such a day. I spent 10 hours at the store, but felt like I was on a treadmill all day, running like crazy but never moving from the same spot. It was a furlough day for Anne Arundel teachers, so no school for the kiddies which meant a lot of parents were home as well. Guess they were all sitting around their houses thinking it was time to get something framed. I've had a few too many days off, and when I returned we were behind in our I tried to send an order for framing materials, in between taking care of customers, answering phone calls, and making phone calls. A coworker showed up halfway through the day (and a good thing she did too!) and the two of us fielded customers taking quite a few orders. I didn't have much time, so didn't get many things prepared for framing. The day was over before I had time to even think about the work that was waiting for me that day.

Today was my day to try and catch up, so I literally ran though my day. I actually got about 3 days worth of things prepared. I was feeling a bit punk, so I tried not to stop for too long. I was afraid if I did I would drop in my tracks. I have to admit though, it's a good feeling to come away from a day like today when I really did accomplish a lot of work. I feel super human when I do that. LOL I feel sorry for the framer, when he sees the pile of things I have for him to do tomorrow! I hope he has as productive a day as I did today! Then he can feel super human too! (I should get a t-shirt with a huge F emblazoned on the front for Super Framer LOL)

Even though Monday was a hard day at work, it was a great day when I got home. I had two letters waiting for me, a little gift, a cross-stitch magazine, and my paycheck! Can it get any better than that? (Well a raise in my pay would have been better, but since that probably won't happen until the economy improves, I'll take what I got and be happy! LOL) There is something about coming home from a hard day at work, and kicking off my shoes and picking up a letter from a friend. Seems that letter writing is a dying art, and what a pity too. Those letters soothed my aching feet, put a smile on my face, and quieted my aching body. Nothing like a few kind words from a friend far away to put a little joy in your life. Now the trick to receiving letters, is to write one first! I wrote to an acquaintance in a yahoo group and we are fast becoming friends. She enjoyed getting real mail so much, she wrote back, and now I think we both look forward to each other's letters. It's a great way to become a friend through writing. I challenge you to find a "buddy" to write too and see how much it changes your life!

Off to work on my Camelot Sampler. I'm almost finished with the Vines so there should be an updated picture soon. Keep watching this spot! And thanks for reading my rambling.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few pictures...

Well, I guess I lied in my previous post. I did get something accomplished today! Well more than a few things I guess. And here are the pictures to prove it!

First are two pictures of the Camelot Sampler. I had to change the wording under the sword to personalize it for a wedding sampler. I like the choice (and so does the bride) so I guess we're in business there. The second is of the "Queen". Ah...feels good to have this done. Now on to the vines. Eeek!

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today! I entered to win something on Meagan's blog and won!! I never win anything so was so surprised and can't believe I won something so lovely! Here's a picture of it. Thanks again Meagan! I love it!!

Just thought I'd throw a picture of something I made for Christmas last year. Just to show a few certain people that I CAN and DO assemble things I make from time to time. This is actually a needlepoint cube with a nativity on it. It was the first "big" needlepoint item I've ever done and then after psyching myself up I was able to put it together. Not a bat attempt was it?

I have a few pictures of demon cat to share. Thomas is going to get electrocuted one of these days by playing with wires. If you hear of a power shortage in the greater metropolitan area of Baltimore, you will have Thomas to blame!

Who me? YEAH YOU! I also accomplished a nearly impossible feat! I went birthday shopping for DH and returned home within an hour with two (count them!) two gifts! I'm done shopping, YAY ME! I even have them wrapped and hidden away for the big day on Friday. I found a very friendly and helpful clerk at Walmart who steered me in the right direction. Hope hubby is happy!

I guess that's enough excitement for one day. Tomorrow is a 10 hour day at the store. I'm tired just thinking about it! I'm off to start my vines on the Camelot sampler and watch NCIS. Can it get any better than this? I don't think so! *Hugs*

Going Crazy, Wanna come?

It's been a while since I posted, and though I've done a little stitching, I decided not to post any pictures today. Instead I'll just tell you what's been going on.

As you know I've been asked to be a bridesmaid in a co-worker's wedding. I've been trying to find ways to be supportive other than discussing things with her while working. Last Friday we spent the day at the dress shop, finding accessories and getting a fitting done. I was totally shocked to find out that the alterations are going to cost more than the dress did in the first place ... I am DEFINITELY in the wrong profession! LOL!! We did a quick turn around some crafts stores to look for suggestions of place cards and favors. Then I found out that she hasn't even sent out her invitations (and the wedding is mid-March!!). So...I volunteered to help her finish printing, assembling and addressing her invitations. Since we both had Monday off, that's what we spent the day doing. In a few weeks (after the invitations have had a chance to reach their destinations) I'll post her invites. I think they came out rather nicely. I'm still working on the Camelot Sampler, and when I get a chance, I'll post my progress. I've finished the sword block and am working on the back stitching of "Queen Christina". I showed my progress to her yesterday and she noticed that the Queen's dress is her favorite color, and the King's clothing is his favorite color. I told her that I knew that of course *wink* and had planned that all along! haha The biggest challenge I'm going to face is getting his last name to fit in the "Camelot" space. I think I'll save that for nearer the end. *Grin*

The next big space I'm going to be working on is the vines. Someone posted in one of the yahoo groups I belong to that that particular area was her most difficult part. It does seem like a bit of a challenge...but I'm anxious to start on will be something different from what I've been doing. Wish me luck!

DS is in the middle of mid term exams. Trying to get him to study is like pulling teeth. But DH's birthday is a few days away now and I still haven't found him a gift. So I think I'll be heading out to the big shopping center nearby to begin the torturous job of finding him a gift. You have to know DH. If I ask him "What do you want?" I'll get a resounding "NOTHING". I have no clue what to get him, and the honest fact is that he really doesn't want anything. He's hard to shop for. So...with that said... *adjusting my shopping gear in order to enter the fray*...I'm off to accomplish the impossible (and tilt at a few windmills along the way). *Hugs*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wallpaper Wars!

Tell me why...why does a 14 year old find the most inventive ways of getting under your skin? I think he should have a brother or a sister to pester. Then maybe he would leave me alone!

It can be a pain sharing a computer with a teenager. They seem to think the machine belongs to them! Who paid for this machine, I ask you!?!? Now to put this in perspective, I live in a household with all males. Even the cat is a male. So I try to find ways to place my feminine mark. I like to turn on my computer and find something inspirational on my desktop wallpaper. I search periodically for something soothing, something lady-like to brighten up my otherwise testosterone infested world. I've found pictures of waterfalls, lovely flowers, cross stitched pieces, wonderful landscapes and even world famous sights. I place it on my desktop as a wallpaper and my world has a little beauty, or culture to enhance my experience in this world.

I come back after my son has used the computer to find two hockey players punching each other, one of a guy losing his teeth all over the ice. As I type, the Ravens football team is high fiving itself after it's latest win. Eeek!

There was a time I had fervently wished for a child. This is where that phrase "Be careful what you wish for" comes into play. We were married 11 years before we were graced with a child. When I found out I was "with child" I searched high and low for a girls name and settled on Meagan Grace. I couldn't think of a boys name to save my life. One week before we had my son, I found out by accident that he would be a boy. I had to think of one quick because I knew they were going to induce labor one week later...and finally settled on one. (I'll give you a hint, his name was one of the Walton's sons names LOL Told you I was desperate!) I've been told boys are easier to raise. I've been told DS was mellow even before he was born...and he is the most mellow child I've ever known. I wouldn't trade him for the world! However...there are times I wish I had another female vote, especially when it came to watching something on tv. There is ALWAYS some sporting event on tv and my chick flicks get voted down every time. We have been to more sporting events then you can shake a stick at, and very few plays or other "cultural" events. *Sigh*

So I guess if you can't beat them, join them. I'm going to look for a woman's basketball sport picture to use for my desktop wallpaper. *evil grin*

How cold is it?

How cold is it? Let me give you a little clue. We aren't as cold as the a kiss won't freeze you to your partner, but as a coworker said the other's so cold I have snotsicles! Sorry for the imagery. LOL

My crazy cat Thomas can give you a clue...there are two cats in the neighborhood who seem to spend an awful lot of time on our back porch. I find the two of them curled up against our sliding glass door quite often (a sign that we have a "heat leak" if you know what I mean) . It drives Thomas (our pampered indoor cat) insane. He bats at the glass, hisses and bounces around trying to get outside in the worst way. He finally escaped and went charging out the door, down the steps and hit the brick patio at a dead run. When his tender toes hit that brick he nearly tripped over himself trying to stop and began to back pedal as fast as his furry toes would take him. He finally turned around and galloped back into the house before I had time to put my shoes on to chase him. He hasn't even bothered looking in the direction of the door since. LOL!!! I do pity those poor cats who sit outside the door, and I think they taunt Thomas because they are jealous of him. That's my story and I'm sticking with it! LOL

Well, my "vacation" is nearly at an end. I will go back to work tomorrow morning at 10 AM *sigh* I was hoping I could extend it a little while...but well, you know how life is. *Humming..."I owe, I owe, so off to work I go"*

Have a great evening! *Hugs*

Friday, January 8, 2010

I caved in...

Ok, Ok, Ok! I'm ashamed to admit that I let peer pressure get to me. You have Gillie, Margaret and the other ladies on my yahoo groups to blame for this one!

I had made up my mind that I wouldn't do any other projects until I finished the Camelot Sampler... however, I've succumbed to peer pressure...DRAT IT! I'm also a little overwhelmed and needed a break. So between the two "stresses" I decided to ... Drum Roll Please!!! ... actually finish a biscornu. Please hold the applause (I can hear you all the way from Australia, Margaret!) It was nothing really. I don't know what the hold up was, just me being me I guess. So, without further ado, I offer you my FIRST Biscorun! (And I finished it all before lunchtime!)

I'd like to thank my mother and my husband for their constant support, the designer Casey Buogaugurio for her generous freebie, The Stitching Post for their choice of fabric and colors and all the little people who encouraged me along the way and last but not least, the two who started it all, Margaret and Gillie for their constant *ahem* encouragement. (I think I have a future in writing academy award speeches don't you?) If you want a copy of the freebie, click on Casey's name.

Now, on to the more mundane news...LOL It snowed last night! I
t was a good excuse to stay home and finish a biscornu don't you think? So here's a little piccie of our "dusting".

Amidst all the snow, my African Violets are blooming like crazy so thought a cheery picture of them might just brighten your day. Aren't they neat? I think it's the right lighting this time of year (plus the fact that I finally began feeding them) now if only my hibiscus would bloom!

I've also finished "King John" on the Camelot Samlper. I'm making this into a wedding sampler, so had to change the wording under the sword. I've decided to use the wording... "We two shall become one, to have, to hold, to love and to cherish from this day forward" It took me most of the day yesterday to find the right wording and chart it and finish King John. I'm know, I'm slow, just remember how long it took me to finish a biscornu! LOL I guess all the charting yesterday made me rethink working on it in earnest today.

When I went to get the van serviced Wednesday, I decided to take a smaller project along to keep me company. I've collected all the Little House "Blessed be" series and decided to make a bell pull with them. I started stitching this a few months ago, and while I was waiting for the van, I finished the second in the series. Bad picture I'm afraid, but hopefully you can see a little of it.

And lastly, I decided to share this Christmas pic with you. Another of my crazy cat, Thomas. He very nearly got thrown away with the trash, but he loves wrapping paper (and this year, that's all he got for a present! LOL) His favorite thing is to bury himself in it. Must be warm in there or something.

Hope you are staying warm and safe wherever you are! *Hugs*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Hi there!

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. You just can't imagine how busy I've been. It was sincerely nuts at the framing shop this Christmas. We were waiting for one lady to finish with college classes to show up and help us out. She didn't finish until a wee
k before Christmas. There was a huge snowstorm that dumped 21 inches the weekend before Christmas and I couldn't make it in to work for a day. It was "torture" to stay home and stitch *wink* but that just put me way behind schedule so when the doors did open back up, I was hard pressed to catch up. There was a co-worker with a dislocated shoulder who couldn't help for two months prior to Christmas and another who was in a car accident three weeks before Christmas and was told by her doctor not to work. That left me and the man who cuts and joins the frames. Needless to say I worked like a mad woman and finished with all the Christmas projects two hours before we closed on Christmas eve. I was exhausted and asked for a week off after Christmas BUT the guys were home, and we couldn't leave them without entertainment, so I think I've played every Beatles song known to man on the Beatles Rock Band game DS has for his wii. I either play the drums (can you imagine? LOL) or I sing (even worse!!) But I have to admit it is fun!! I went to a couple of movies (Christmas Carol in 3D which was AMAZING) and Hm...what was the other one? Oh yeah, Avatar (I could have left that one alone! LOL) I also stayed up until midnight to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I had a "stitch day" at my house for a few of my stitching friends. That involved cleaning my house (we won't describe the condition before my friends arrived to accommodate those with a weak stomach! LOL) but it was worth the work, we had a nice day. We went to a museum to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. Now that was interesting! You can learn more about that here . There is another exhibit I would like to see, the Terra Cotta Warriors, which is at the National Geographic Museum in DC and you can learn more about that here . We are hoping to see that one in February. There is also a collection of Nativities at a church community center in DC that I'm hoping to see before it leaves at the end of this month. I'm on overload!!! LOL

I didn't get as much rest as I would have liked in the first week so decided to take a second week off. I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia a few months ago and my iron levels are still not up to par, so with all the rush of things, I just feel exhausted, and as I told my mother, I can't even get out of my own way! LOL Hopefully with this second week, I'll catch up....but....the car needs service, and our sump pump failed yesterday so the repairman is coming tomorrow and the car is getting serviced on rest for the wicked as they say! LOL Hopefully I'll find time to get some stitching done while I wait for repairs here and there.

Now to the fun stuff! I did a little last minute stitching and framing for some folks. Dawn was so lovely to send me a few things including a stitched Christmas ornament so I quickly finished something for her. This was a freebie pattern I got from Val's stuff. Here it is...

I like to give a few little gifts to coworkers, so I had stitched this piece a little while ago, and framed it for a friend at the store. Here it is in it's frame. This is Live Love Laugh by La-D-Da.

And now for my progress on the Camelot Sampler!