Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My life as I know it is over!

Good Evening!

I hope all of you are having a great day! Mine? Well, it's been a little off the wall...Where do I begin?

First let me say, this is day 7 in a row working. I'm tired. And I have two more days to go ... Eeek! Friday I have "off" from work, BUT, it's the last day of Band Camp and there will be a performance and a picnic that evening. I hope it cools down before then!! The heat index the past two days has been well into the triple digits and I melt in hot weather. LOL

Tonight was a meeting for the "band parents" that lasted 2 hours! *sigh* It's the last thing I needed today was to sit in a HOT room, with an agenda three pages long and people who love to hear themselves talk. I learned that there is a calendar of events for the band that is two pages long and that only covers September through December and that the band's first performance will be the first week in September. I learned that the band has to raise $120,000 just to attend all the events that have been planned this year. Not to mention that the band teacher (who is WONDERFUL!!! by the way) is celebrating his 40th year teaching at the same school this year (and I thought my silver wedding anniversary was something special!) and they want to raise enough money to start an endowment in his honor that will give the school money for new band instruments every year for eternity, but that means raising at least $250,000...so the story is we are supposed to raise close to 1/3 of a million dollars this year *falling over in a dead faint* It's a commendable idea, I'm seriously going to pray that we can do this, but in these economic times, I shudder to think of the work that will be involved. As I sat in the band room, my eyes glanced around at the shelves on the wall that are COVERED in trophies. This band teacher knows how to inspire the love of music in his students, he knows what music entertains (I've been to a few of the concerts he's directed) and knows what judges are looking for when they judge a performance. He has put DS through his paces these past two weeks, but he's more confident than I've ever seen him and it makes me inspired to be a involved band parent. However...I know it's going to take a lot of time. So being a full time employee and an involved band parent is going to take away from my stitching time. I think I'm in shock, and in mourning a little too. It will be an interesting year.

Well, sorry for the weird post, just had to write my feelings and sort it out in my head. Thanks for reading (if you made it this far). *Hugs*

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