Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally, some stitching to show you!

Hi! Just wanted to show you a little progress I've made! The first picture is the A Stitch A Week SAL being offered on the Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. I'm so excited because I fell a few weeks behind, but now I'm back on track. The 33rd week just came out today (the lovely little butterfly) and I actually finished it the same day! Now I'm going to be caught up for a whole week, and life is feeling pretty good at this moment! (If only I were caught up on my other SAL's!)

The second picture is of the Victorine Sampler and again, as of yesterday there were only five parts posted. I'm caught up with that as well. This is a pretty easy one to keep up with, the patterns are coming out with quite a long spell in between so it's not too late to get started! You can find it at this website

I've had a long dry spell with no stitching, and I have to tell you I was getting anxious! It's amazing how much it relaxes me. I ended my 8 day streak of straight days working with a sick day, and when I wasn't sleeping, I was stitching! That's how I accomplished so much. I don't think I'll try working that many days in a row again, it's exhausting and takes a toll. I skipped work yesterday, skipped a luncheon date today and missed out on Ben's band camp exposition for the parents tonight. I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, we have tickets to see "Damn Yankees" at Toby's Dinner Theater in Baltimore tomorrow. I'm sure we can find someone to use my ticket if I don't. *Sigh* I'm missing all the GOOD stuff! Ah well, there's always stitching!

Off to work on another SAL that I'm behind in. I'll keep you posted on my progress. *Hugs*


Edy said...

Both your sal's are looking beautiful!

Dawn said...

Dear DJ,

Your ASAW Sal looks beautiful,I'm so behind with mine. You take care or you will end up with burn out, but then variety is the spice of life(Lol).
Happy belated silver anniversary wishes.