Monday, July 15, 2019

July Gifted Gorgeousness

Just when you thought life would slow throws another curve ball at you!  Here it is, July.  I've been working hard trying to settle my Mother's estate in New York for the last five months while still trying to live my life here in MD.  I haven't had much time to stitch, and still have a lot of work to do here now, finding homes for the treasures I brought back from NY and working at helping to plan a wedding.  Yup, that's the other curve ball I was referring to!  While I'm flattered and thrilled the kids want me to help, I feel slightly overwhelmed at all I have to do between now and May of next year!

So that brings us to today.  It's the 15th and time for Gifted Gorgeousness.  Gifted Gorgeousness is where we showcase stitching items we have been gifted or are gifting to others.  If you want to know more or sign up for this challenge, you can follow this link and it will take you to Jo's blog Serendipitous Stitching.  She hosts several blog challenges during the year.  I happen to love this challenge because I like making things for other people (and lately I've been gifted a lot of charts I really want to start).  If you want to see what others are stitching you can go to her main page here and click on the links.

My husband has gifted the Just Cross Stitch magazine to me for years and a few years ago gave me the CD's of the magazine from the beginning to the year 2010.  I've been using these CD's and magazines to participate in a few ornament challenges I've signed up for this year.  I have them listed in my goals for 2019 page if you want to take a look. are the ornaments I've stitched this month.

First up is Winter's Eve by Country Cottage Needleworks.  This was published in the 2006 JCS Christmas Ornament issue.  I stitched this on 32 ct natural over one.

Next was The Heart of Christmas by Rosewood Manor.  This was published in the 2018 JCS Christmas Ornament issue.  I stitched this on 32 ct. cream over one.

Next was Let it Snow by Plum Pudding NeedleArt.  This was published in the 2013 JCS Christmas Ornament issue.  I stitched this on 32 ct. light blue linen over one

The last ornament I stitched was from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts May 1989 issue, also a gift subscription from my husband.  This is 7 swans a swimming stitched on 28 ct. white over one.

I started a project today that was given to me by a friend.  She gave me the fabric, pattern and chest for this project (I know, I'm spoiled, right?) and I have loved it from the beginning.  I'm also participating in a challenge from my LNS (there is a separate tab at the top explaining this challenge) and this month they chose project #6 to work on.  This is my #6.  I wish I had been here at the beginning of the month, because I would love to spend a lot more time on this project.  Never-the-less I'm starting it today, and only put a few stitches in but wanted to include it here.  This is Sarah Elliot's Sewing Chest by Primitive Traditions.  This is stitched on 36 ct. Dove linen, some is over one, some over two and there are specialty stitches thrown in for good measure.  I love these kinds of challenging pieces!  Here is what it looks like....

And here is where I'm starting right now.  This part is stitched over one on 36 count.  Heaven help me!!!

II very nearly forgot!!  I took part in an exchange with a yahoo group for Christmas in July.  I finished these two ornaments and sent them out at the end of June.  Now that my partner has them I can show you what I made for her.  

This piece isn't a Gifted Gorgeousness but I wanted to post it here.  This is the challenge piece I worked on last month.  This is Christmas Quaker Bellpull by Wienenberg Designs.  I have been working on this for 9 years (at least) and was so hoping to finish it during this challenge.  I only have 3 pages left to finish, but hopefully by next year I'll have a finish.  I did get quite a bit more accomplished on it though!

I guess that's all the news that's fit to print.  I'm hoping I'll have a little more time to stitch now that I'm back from NY for a while.  I still have a lot of work to do here now, unpacking all the belongings I brought back from NY and finding places for them here in my little townhouse.  Wish me luck!  And Happy Stitching!


Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely stitching, your exchange ornaments are gorgeous. I love JCS and make sure I get the ornament copy each year.

Julie said...

The chest looks like a lovely project to complete, what a special gift that was.
Pretty ornaments for your exchange.
I have all the JCS ornament copies from the year 2000 to present.

Ariadne said...

So many beautiful things. I love the exchange ornaments. AriadnefromGreece!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
I'll help with the Wedding Plans if you like! I do enjoy a good Wedding.

So many beautiful ornaments this month, I really do like the Rosewood Manor one, especially stitched over one. I'm a sucker for over one stitching as you know!

Katie said...

Gorgeous work on everything. Glad things are settling in a bit. Good luck getting the wedding planned.

Meari said...

Some great stitching!