Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP Gifted Gorgeousness we are, another week has gone by, and quite honestly, I don't have much to show for it.  Hm...I don't know whether to blame the weather, germs, or the frogs who seem to keep making appearances.  But I'll explain that later...for now...on with the show!

Thanks to Jo, over at Serendipitous Stitching, we have a lovely challenge going on called Gifted Gorgeousness.  If you would like to participate, it's never to late to sign up.  You can find the rules here.  And if you would like to see what others have been posting, you can see our link-ups here.  Thank you, Jo, for all your hard work, and for making the internet such a fun place to be.

First up....the Linens and Threads SAL.  You can find these lovely patterns here.  I have enjoyed ever stitch, and finding the freedom to chose my own fabric and floss fun.  It's interesting to see other people's interpretation, which you can see if you join their facebook group.  

Next is Leave a Light On which was a Birthday gift from my husband, which included pattern, fabric and thread.  (Yes, I know I'm spoiled!)  I try to spend a little time each month on this, so I can finish it up before the year is over.  Wish me luck because it's been sadly neglected for a few weeks now.

I finished this piece quite some time ago, but it was for an exchange.  I can say it has arrived and I think she liked it.  The day I assembled this piece, was a tough day for me.  She is graciously overlooking the finishing I think...LOL.  At least it looks good from the front anyway.  This is a Sue Hillis pattern from Stitches for the Needleworker Vol 3. finished into a flat fold.

This is not a Gifted Gorgeousness...though I do plan to gift the pattern when it's finished.  This is my WIP Wednesday piece though...I have enjoyed stitching on this piece, and have already promised it to someone who has expressed a liking for it.  It has spurred me on, so this is a good thing, as it's one of my wipocalypse pieces, one I really wanted to finish this year!  Here is Renouveau, and I can honestly say it is just a wee bit over half done!  It should move quickly now that most of the solid stitching is done.  I have to admit, I've struggled with this one lately...and very nearly shelved it for a bit.  The frogs have descended in droves while working on this....which is particularly difficult since it's 28 ct. stitched over one thread!!   Here are before and after pictures so you can see my progress.

I fell off the bandwagon and visited my LNS for market day, coming home with (ahem) a few items in my shopping basket.  I can't help myself, they just jumped in while I wasn't looking! top that off...I signed up for the Mystery SAL over at Passione Ricamo (just in case you are wanting to check it out you can click here)...and since I already had my special bank account at my fingertips, I went ahead and ordered fabric and specialty threads and beads...oh my!!  (All I need now are a bazillion DMC skeins).  I have taken my card (specifically set aside for my addictions...a little is set aside each month for emergencies of the needlework kind) and frozen it least for a little while now. feels good to have that confession off my chest.  Save the 50 lashes, you never know when I'll take another tumble. stitching time has been limited.  Poor Ben ended up taking 4 days off work.   But that meant that I had to be the nursemaid and entertainer.  So...thank heavens for his fire stick and Amazon prime!  We did watch a few good movies including Hacksaw Ridge which turned out to be a surprisingly good movie!  I love those true to life movies that show courage, heroism, and good old fashioned love for your fellow man.  What more could you ask for?   Then...the weekend, when the dreaded (whateveritis) struck down Mike.  Between taking care of him and spending a lot of time getting ready for what forecasters were calling "The Big Kahuna"....which turned out to be 1 and 1/2 days off for my guys which turned out to be a blessing in disguise which gave Mike time to recover and ended up being only a little inconvenient iciness.  We were lucky, we dodged a bullet!!  Folks north of us were hit really hard with over 2 feet of snow.  Never-the-less...I was busy entertaining my guys.  So...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Wish me better luck for the rest of this week!!  The only sad part about that, is that my daffodils wilted, and the blossoms were covered with ice...I hope it doesn't affect the Cherry Blossoms in DC...but I have a baaaaad feeling about that.  I'll let you know, they are supposed to be at their peek this weekend.  I'll leave you with a few ice pictures...and lots of warm happy stitchy wishes!

BTW...I caught it...whatever it was...yesterday...UGH!!  AND, my computer started acting weird...methinks it's time for a new model.  Hm...I meant the computer, but it could also apply to me!  LOL


Mini said...

Sorry you have not been feeling well and the damn frog visited you. The Linen & threads SAL is coming along nicely.
I love the flatfold, such pretty colors.

Elfie said...

I had a lovely visit here today. Your projects are lovely, and I also enjoyed your photos. I hope you are feeling better soon - and that your computer is playing nicely again.

Christine said...

Beautiful stitching!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love all your pieces, the colours for the Linen & Threads sampler are wonderful as is the sea.
Future gifts totally count, I think this is the first time anyone has used that particular shoehorn!

Beth in IL said...

Feel better soon! Love all the projects.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely stitching. Sorry to read that you have now caught that sickness bug. You've made plenty of progress on your WIP Wednesday piece.

Justine said...

I love your finished flatfold, I'm sure it will be appreciated. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Kaisievic said...

Oh, I love Revoneau, gorgeous! I so enjoyed looking at all your stitching today. And don't worry, I fall off the wagon all of the time at my LNS.

Astrids dragon said...

Your exchange piece looks great, what are you talking about?! I hope it gets warm soon, you need to air out the house and get rid of all those germs!