Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Doing the right thing...

I often wondered in the past if I quit blogging, how many would notice...I guess this is my chance to find out...LOL

Before I get to the crazy part of my life, though, I guess I'll share a little about my stitching (as I've been told numerous times my blog should only be about needlework)

Where do I begin?  I guess this will have to suffice for the next gifted gorgeousness post because I doubt I'll be able to post on the 15th of this month...

I finally finished the past three portions of my Needlework Casket.  I'm sincerely hoping I will be able to get them stretched and inserted into the casket before I leave again, but the way things are going that remains up in the air.  Here are all five of them completed, just in case you forgot what they looked like.  These came from a book , "Sampler and Antique Needlework Vol. 1" that was given to me, so I consider them part of the gifted gorgeousness challenge.  These have been stitched over two on 40 ct. cream.

I received a lovely gift from a St. Michaels participant who I stitched something for.  She gave me a kit from Plum Street Samplers called The black Cherry Tart.  I was able to finish the stitching, but need to find time to assemble the tart pan too.  I'll put that on my to do list right after the needlework casket above...haha.

I participated in a pin cushion exchange with a lovely lady from Canada.  I had finished the stitching and was about to assemble it when I was called away.  In the past two and a half months I was finally able to find two tea cups and assembled the pin cushions.  I'm so very sorry my partner had to wait so long, but thankful that I was finally able to get it to her.  I gave the second away to a childhood friend of mine who has been a companion for the past two months trying to keep me sane...if that's at all possible.  I don't know what I would have done without her!!  They are both the same design, one stitched over one on 32 ct. white, the other stitched over one on 40 ct natural.  The design is a freebie from Ellen Maher-stroh.  I love her designs and you can find them here.

I tried in vane to keep up with the Snowflower Diaries SAL that is going on.  I finally was able to finish June...and I just love the little bear on this piece.  I have since found out a way to display my pieces, so when I'm finally home for good I'll show you what I have planned for these monthly pieces!  I know I won't be able to keep on track with these, much to my dismay, but I keep saving the pieces and hope I'll get them done eventually.  You can find her patterns here.http://thesnowflowerdiaries.blogspot.com/

And last but not least, is a little design I received from a friend.  This is Blackbird Designs, Spell of the Moon.  I'm not really into Halloween, but this little owl caught  my eye.  This is stitched on 32 ct. over one...isn't it cute??

In addition, I stitched this one for me!  I thought I would make a band to adorn a basket.  It is stitched on 32ct over one with the recommended hand-dyed threads.  Home of a Needleworker is by Little House Needleworks.

Now to the reason I've been away for so long.  On my Mothers Birthday in June I was talking to her on the phone from 500 miles away when she suffered a stroke.  We were able to recognize the symptoms, call family members and rescue to get help to her immediately and thereby minimizing the effects of the stroke.  I drove to NY the next day and spent time with her while she was in the hospital and then rehab and then went with her to her home to help her out for a few months.  I just returned home this past weekend and have been on the run ever since.  I still have a number of chores to do before I have to head back to NY to stay for another 3 weeks.  It has been a tough road.  I have had tons of advice (some of it asked for, most of it not asked for) but in the end, my Mother is an adult and can still make her own decisions.  I don't agree with most of her choices, and have offered her a home here with me.  I cannot force her to do anything she doesn't want to do and as long as she is still able to do most things for herself, I have to let her do as she pleases.  For now that is staying in her own home.  I hope I learn from this experience and can do the right thing if I reach her age.  Prayers all around are appreciated!  In the meanwhile I plan to go back in a week and stay for another 3 weeks, taking her to Doctor appointments and making other arrangements for help for her.  This hasn't been easy on me or my family, but hopefully I'll be able to come back soon and stay.  


Tricia T said...

Oh, DJ, I am so glad you were on the phone with her when it happened. It is hard when our parents need our care but dont want to be a bother. I hope youll be able to get things settled soon. Safe travels!

Von said...

DJ, whoever told you this blog should be only about stitching is just plain wrong! Your blog, your life - I enjoy reading about more than just stitching!

I too am so glad your mother was able to receive prompt care for her stroke. My own mother had one at age 51, we almost lost her, so I'm familiar with the stress you've been under. Take care of yourself as well as your mother and please post an update when you can.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

DJ, a beautiful selection of stitching. Thank goodness, you have been able to help your mother but it must be difficult putting your own life on hold. Don't forget to take some time for yourself.
By the way, it's your blog, you choose what it includes. It doesn't have to be about just stitching.

Justine said...

So sorry to read about your mother's stroke. What a worry for you all. I hope she continues to recover.
I agree with everyone else - it's your blog and you can blog about whatever you like!
You have been stitching some really beautiful things - I love those pincushion cups but my absolute favourite is your Halloween stitch.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Sorry to hear about your mother's stroke but I am so happy she is recovering and you were able to get her help quickly. That is the key to surviving a stroke. My mom was very independent as well, and while it caused several arguments, she made me who I am, and that is someone independent and able to care for myself (and her) when necessary.
Your stitching is lovely, those teacups are precious!
You should feel free to blog about whatever you choose. And by the way, I definitely noticed you were missing and kept hoping all was well and you would return.
Good luck!