Monday, February 22, 2016

Hermitting Weekend

I haven't joined any organized group, but I decided to self impose a hermitting weekend.  I was able to get quite a bit of stitching in.  

I'll begin with Aurora Cabin.  I have a before and after picture taken, just to show you what I've done this weekend, along with a close up of the cabin.  I spent a LOT of time backstitching this cabin...did I mention I HATE backstitching?  LOL!!

 I finished up a couple of pieces just for ornament...(which I can't show because it's a gift).

And I think I'll turn this into a scissors fob.  (I can't show this because it's also a gift).  I chose to include that I stitched these, because I just wanted to let you know all that I stitched this weekend.   I'll show these later once I've given them to the people they are intended for. 

Last, but not least, is the top panel of the needlework casket I'm working on.  I came to an impasse.  Because I've chosen to stitch this on 20 count, with one strand of floss, lazy daisy stitches aren't turning out like they have for me in the past.  I'm not sure I like where this is going.  Another concern I have is the bullion knots for the flowers in the vine on the fence.  I'm thinking of substituting a different stitch for the flowers.  I sincerely need opinions...I considered spider roses...does anyone have any suggestions as a substitute?  I'm truly in a quandary here.

Last week I hoped to get some finishes done, but I wound up with a sleepless week, and was too tired to think.  I think I actually got some restorative sleep this hopefully today I'll get those finishes done.  I'll let you know soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful, productive weekend!


Barb said...

I love productive weekends. I also love your Aurora Cabin it is so stunning. Great job on it.

CatsnCorgis said...

If you don't like the daisies, change them. They won't get any better is the next 10-20 years. How about eyelet, Smyrna or one of the variations. There are also several styles of Rhodes stitches that might work. I'm impressed with the amount you have done. Sally

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done on persevering with the backstitch. It really does bring the lodge to life. Unless I'm working, every weekend is Hermit and Stitch, especially in the winter.

I hate lazy daisies, they just come out as two straight lines for me!

Mouse said...

The backstitch was worth it and wow did you hermit ... hmmmm re the lazy daisy stitch ... if not happy do use something else .. is it because you are stitching so close as from a distance they look fine to me ... just worried if you do spider roses they could be too think if going under glass ..... love mouse xxxxx

Linda said...

Lovely progress DJ. I love the cabin.


Veronica Ong said...

Aurora Cabin is looking fine. The lake really does look like it's reflecting the light. As tiresome as backstitching is, it sure brings out a design. I don't mind it as much as half stitches though. Sadly, there are a ton of those on my current project :(

Hmm... I think the vines look fine in the photo. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will turn out well.