Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Making the moments count...

Whew!  It's been a busy time here at DJ's digs.  So much to do, so little time!!  I don't know why all of a sudden my stitching goals have become my priority.  I know deep down that I SHOULD be doing other things, but I feel so good when I get stitchy things done each month and I can check them off my list!  I've had a productive month...so that makes me feel good.  I wish I were so disciplined with other goals (like losing weight, making more home cooked meals, and keeping my house more organized and clean)...maybe next year I'll start a blog about that and maybe that will become a reality too.

Anyhooo...my goal has been to stitch 2 items each month that are winter/Christmas related.  So far I've been able to do that!  (Now if only I could get them finished so I can display them...but hopefully that will come soon!)  This month I've stitched a Mill Hill kit, Holiday Stamp.  I'm not sure if many of you knew I collected stamps.  It's been an off and on type of thing....and last year I made ornaments for the guys and had intended to make this one for myself.  I'm only two months late...hahaha

I also stitched a Christmas Memories Silhouette called Sharing the Christmas Story a Handblessings design by Eileen Gurak.  I love this one because there  is a nativity under the tree...and finding unique nativities is something else I enjoy collecting.  Because I've lived in many different states and a few different countries, I have quite a collection.  Last September I even found an Eskimo nativity, complete with Igloo and animals native to Alaska!!

I finished stitching the Matzah cover I was making for my friend.  Now to decide how I should complete the finishing on it.  I guess I should do a little more research.  

I've started stitching my March Christmas item.  This was a Christmas gift from my husband and is another Mill Hill kit called Baby Jesus.  There were three different Trilogies of these kits.  This trilogy is Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  I've decided to stitch them on fabric so I can make standups when I'm finished.  I have all the Wise Men, two Shepherds, and the Holy Family.  I think there is an Angel somewhere but I don't have that kit.  I'll have another nativity to add to my collection when all is said and done.  I may try to make at least one each month so I'll have them for next Christmas.  I'm hoping to finish it by the 15th of next month so it will be my Gifted Gorgeousness item.  Wish me luck!!

I had a visit from Astrid last week.  There must be something about folks who love Tigger that I'm attracted to.  I bought this jacket for my husband many years ago, and he pulls it out of the closet on really cold days (despite it's appearance it's a very warm coat).  He is a Tigger lover from way back.  Little did I know that Astrid is too...and they happened to be wearing their Tigger apparel on the same day!  Of course I had to get a picture of the two of them...and look who joined in the fun...I'm not sure if Thomas likes Tigger or not, but they are both bouncy, trouncy, bouncy, trouncy,  full of fun, fun. fun!  

I guess the picture taking was too much for him....he retreated to his box shortly after for a nap...LOL!!  He's not looking so bouncy, trouncy or fun at the moment....

Ok, off to get things settled for tomorrow...that's the big day...so I'll be out of commission for a little bit while I recover from surgery.  I just have a few little things I need to take care of today.  I hope you all are staying warm and safe....if you're like me you're anticipating spring, it's been a challenging winter to say the least!  We broke a recorded cold temperature here last week...YIKES!  But it will soon be over, I hope!  See you soon! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness part 2...and then some!

And another month bites the dust...where is the time going??  

Before I forget I'll get the Gifted Gorgeousness post done (I nearly forgot about it last month!!)  So...I have two pictures to show today...

The first is one a friend had given me to stitch.  This is the February Garden Journal Series from Garden Samplings.  I'm trying to finish each month, during the same month.  So far I've been on point!  Wish me luck!!

The second is a gift I'm giving to someone else.  I was ecstatic to use only threads I had here at home, fabric someone had given me a while back, keeping up with my "stitch from stash" resolution, and hope to get it in a frame and off to my friend sometime soon.  I finally found a frame last week, I just need to get it pinned and secured in the frame.  It was for a friend's birthday and part of my Pay It Forward project I have going this year.  This is a A Mon Ami Pierre pattern.

My other SAL I'm participating in is the Get It Done SAL 2015.  I have two patterns I've been striving to finish this year.  I've made progress on both, and am so excited to show them to you now.  I'm actually half way done on my Bent Creek Red Thread piece!!  

The other is Aurora Cabin and is a Dimensions kit.  I have been working a bit on this but got sidetracked...I'll show you why in a minute.

I have been invited to a friend's house for Passover this year.  I am a Christian, but my friend from college is Jewish, and she invited us to her Passover Seder this year.  I am incredibly honored, and so excited to take part in her celebrations.  I've always wanted to participate in a Seder, and am so thrilled she asked me.  I asked what I could bring, and she said she would give it some thought, but in the meanwhile, I found this lovely Matzoh cover to stitch, and though she probably has one already, I thought she might appreciate the sentiment.  I love this pattern, and am nearly halfway done now.  I am not sure how this is actually used so if you know how I should finish this off, I would appreciate your input!!

I still have half a month left to go...I hope to finish the Matzoh cover, and hope there will still be time left over to finish two winter/Christmas themed projects to keep up with my goals for this year.  Wish me luck!!  I will be having surgery toward the end of the month so with all the appointments I am running out of time.  Off to get some stitching done while we are "iced in" today!  I'll leave you with a picture of a little visitor yesterday, who braved the sub zero wind chill to pay me a visit.  Doesn't he look chilly???