Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who keeps moving the finish line?

Just when I think I'm about to catch up, someone moves the finish line...or publishes another part to a SAL, or there's a family emergency, or we have obligations...

Sometimes I dread the first of the month and the 15th of the month...that's generally when the next piece of a SAL is published.  I enjoy stitching on them, and love SALs because they keep me on a schedule that allows me to finish in a timely manner.  There are times, though, when my weird sense of responsibility to keep to my goals doesn't allow for unscheduled hiccups.  The past month has been like that for me, with all the bumps in the road for my family lately.  I haven't done much stitching and that throws me off my schedule causing anxiety that really isn't that important.  LOL  I think I need an intervention.  

I said all that to say...I got caught up on my Au Point de Croix SAL just in time, as the next one comes out in a couple of days.

But...I fell behind in my Marquoir part 6 was released before I finished part 5.  But thankfully, they usually stitch up quickly.  If the stars align correctly, I might finish 5 and 6 before 7 comes out...wish me luck!!  

I'm supposed to stitch on Quaker Diamonds on Wednesdays as a SAL with Gillie.  Sadly I've missed a couple of Wednesdays, but I did get a little bit done the other day.  I have a feeling this will be set on the back burner again this week...but hopefully when this week is over and the dust settles, I'll be able to get back on track the week after.  Wish me luck!!

I'm hoping to get some Christmas ornaments done in the first week of July so I don't fall behind again there.  If all goes well, I'll have another update in 10 days or keep checking back!


Saying Goodbye...

No one said life would be easy...but how you deal with what life throws at you shows your true character.

Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to Mike's Mom this week.  She has been slowly slipping away from us for years now, as she struggled with vascular dementia.  I have to say, I truly admired this tenacious lady.  She had challenges thrown at her her entire life.  Her childhood was not easy, but she didn't succumb to it, and rose above it, marrying Mike's Dad at a young age and becoming a Mom to 4 in a short period of time.  She loved kids and connected at a their level which made them love her and love being around her.  She loved being "Gram Gram" to all her grandchildren.

I always admired the love she shared with her husband.  Many years before our son was born, Mike's Dad began to show signs of Alzheimer's Disease.  For years June took care of him with such love, devotion, and compassion.  It wasn't because she felt she had to, she once told me that he took care of her all their married life, it was her privilege that she take  care of him.  She kept him at home with her, eventually retiring from her job to care for him full time, until a few weeks before he died, only relenting then because his care was beyond her abilities.  I can't imagine how hard it was for her when he died, as they had been married nearly forty years.   That was the standard I held our marriage to...and as much as I love my husband, marriage is hard work...these two made it look easy.  With humor and affection they enjoyed the life they shared together.  I'm sure they are greeting one another now, happy to finally be together again.  Because of her tenacity, love for her family, compassion caring for her husband who, though he forgot everything else...never forgot who she was, and never feeling sorry for herself, she has won my heart and admiration.  I will miss you, Mrs. P.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Cool!

Hi Folks!

Yes, we are breaking heat records here in the Mid Atlantic.  UGH!!  Yesterday it reached 97 degrees in the Nation's Capital, and today it's supposed to get near that again, with the heat index reaching 105 F.  That's 41 C for you metric people.  We're meeeelllllltttiiiiing!  Ok, I said I wouldn't complain this summer after reaching -25 F (that's -31 C) with the wind chill at -40 F (that's -40 C) this past winter in New York.'s such a drastic extreme... from -40 to 105...Double UGH!!

Ok, rant over...but I said all that to's really too hot to stitch!  We are spoiled here with our air conditioning, I will admit.  I can't help feeling sluggish with the heat and the humidity the way that it is, though.  So I have very little stitching to show you.  Not to mention, I've been a little busy with things happening here.

First off, it was Astrid's I made her a little sachet.  Since it was my first one I wasn't expecting perfection, but after all my fussing and fuming, I think it turned out really cute.  So here it is, filled with Mulberry scented pot puree.  I think she liked it!

Next, is Royal Garden.  I hit a snag here a few days ago when I ran out of the pink Neon Rays from Rainbow Gallery.  As usual, my LNS was out of what I needed.  *sigh*  It never fails that I can't find at least one thing I'm looking for when I head up there (30 minute drive!!) so I end up ordering, then having to make another annoying!!  Anyway, I'm trying to stitch what I can around it while I wait for the fibers I need.  I love how this is working out...what a challenge learning all these new stitches!

Since I was a little discouraged, I thought I'd try another counted canvas project.  But again, I hit another snag...and hoped you would help me out.  It calls for "background" stitching.  But I found that the leaves from the "border" were disappearing...can you see what I'm talking about?  So I'm wondering if I should do the lattice work behind the bouquet.  I honestly need your opinion.  Should I stitch it or take out what I've already stitched?

I almost forgot to mention....30 years ago (wow, has it been that long???) This happened.  It's hard to believe I graduated from college that many years ago...

I haven't done any regular cross stitching....not sure why.  Lots going on in my personal life so  my brain isn't fully engaged I guess.  Between Father's Day, my son's and my Mom's Birthday, life is keeping be busy!!  So...that's all that's fit to print for now.  Hope everyone is safe from the horrible storms out west (they are due here soon!!) and that you are keeping cool.  Off to take my son out for crab cakes!  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Change of plans...

Feeling I had to cancel a day out with a friend of mine...the lovely Miss M.  Even though it rained today, it's really beautiful now...with the sun shining and the sky a brilliant blue.  I'm still feeling blah...but I turned my "quietude" into a little here's what's been happening in my stitching place today...

I pulled out my Royal Garden by DebBee's Designs.  I know it doesn't look like I've done much, but some of these stitches take so much time, some of the fibers are extremely slippery and take some time to even get started, and I've had to frog and restitch some while I figure out the best way to stitch them to make them lay right.  This is surely a LABOR of love, but so much fun to stitch on!!

I also bought a new crochet book just recently, that had this lovely pattern for a sachet.  Maybe it's because I'm feeling blah...or maybe because I haven't slept much lately, or maybe it's because my hand has been swelling lately (I blame the weather) but I really struggled to crochet this!!  I've done the front, the back, and the leaves for the rose and crocheted three sides together.  I just need to get the pot puree to make it smell nice now.  It's been another LABOR of love today!  I think I might have to retire my crochet hook and my yarn needle and think about just cross stitching for the rest of the day.  LOL!!

I was able to catch up on my Maryse SAL ... the 6th part came out more than a week ago.  This pattern is such a joy to stitch!!  I feel bad that it took me so long to get back to it but I've been pretty busy lately (especially on weekends) 

I find it ironic that in my last post I had just finished catching up on Marquoir Francoise....and feeling pretty good about it...then the very next day, the next part came out.  You can find the next part here.  *Sigh*  I just can't seem to keep caught up!!  So I think I will be working on that tonight because the next part of the Mystery SAL from Au Pointe de croix will be coming out in a couple of days.  No rest for the wicked!!  LOL

Off to make dinner, then hopefully, back to my stitching place to work a bit on Francois.  The rest of the week is filled with appointments, lunches with friends and the this will probably be my last time to stitch for several days.  Hoping your day is full of quiet, easy stitching!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting my act together...

What a day!!  I feel so accomplished, and once I finish this post, I'll get back to catching up!

After spending a good portion of yesterday trying to find a photo wallet, I can now say I have a graduation gift ready for a friend's daughter.  She graciously sent a check to Ben last year, so thought I would send something to her daughter this year.  I saw a Pinterest post about folding money, sliding it into pages of a photo wallet, and saying something about giving her pictures of famous people for her graduation.  NO ONE carries photos anymore, so those wallets are few and far between!!!  I spent half the day looking for one yesterday, visiting several stores until finally my husband and I found one late last night.  Today was my mission to get it ready, fill it with folded dollar bills, and finding quotes to print and fill in the rest of the sleeves.  I actually had fun doing it, but it sure was time consuming!!  I like giving unique gifts...thank you pinterest!!  LOL

I helped out a friend by taking a "strength finders" test today, to discover what my "gifts" are.  I found the results interesting!!  One of my top five strengths is achiever.  Is ANYONE surprised by that?  Gillie???  Mouse???  Astrid???  LOL!!  And guess what,'s a STRENGTH!!  I will no longer hang my head in shame when I have accomplished goals when others haven't.  I can't help myself, it's who I am!  Another is while I'm secretly celebrating my accomplishments, I'll be saying how sorry I am that you feel angry with me...I can't help myself doing that either...*grin*

And on that note...I'll tell you my other accomplishment today...I got caught up on Marquoir Francoise!  You can find information and charts on this site.  Hopefully the next section won't come out too soon, as I am still behind in the Maryse SAL.  Here is part 4 ...

 I caught up on the Mystery SAL from Au point de croix this past week also.  You can find information on this SAL here.

I finally got caught up on my Christmas stitching.  I finished of 6 Mill Hill ornaments pictured here...

I actually had fun stitching these up, and have even finished off my June goals too, and have decided to stitch ornaments at the beginning of the month instead of waiting until the end...too much pressure for me!!  Here are all 12 of them in the same picture....I like that they are different types.  I'm going to search around and see if I can't find something even a little more different for the next ones.

And that, as they say, is that!!  The boys are off to a baseball game tonight, so I have the house to myself, yippee!!  Stitching without interruption sounds like a good plan for this Friday night.  And on that note, I'll leave you to enjoy your day.  Take care!