Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Gift...

Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I updated my blog...where in the world did the time go???  I've been busy, but with nothing much to show for it!  I need a vacation from life...how about you?

It's a glorious foggy day here in Maryland this morning.  I just love the fog!!  Here's a picture from my front window...

So...I have very little stitching to show you since I've been running from pillar to post with little rest in between.  But it has been a lovely wild ride!!

First off, I have finished another year long SAL that Gillie so kindly bought for me...I loved stitching on it and really love the outcome.  I changed the wording in the center a little since it was originally in French.  Thanks again, Gillie, it was a wonderful stitch!

Next are a few last minute ornaments I made that were used in an ornament exchange.  Sadly I think one of the recipients wasn't too happy that he got a hand stitched ornament...oh well.    Next year I'll bring store bought and give my hand made ornaments to someone who will appreciate them.

I just finished up last night  my part in a RR that a group of 8 of us just got started in November.  This one promises to be lovely when she gets it finished.  It was so much fun being the first to choose which one I wanted to stitch!  Hope she likes my stitching!!

Last is something I made for a friend in England.  Her nickname is Mouse, and when I saw this pattern, I just had to make it for her.  She has shown pictures of her stitching room, and it has a fireplace that looks similar to this one.  As soon as I have finished framing it, it will be winging it's way to Merry Ol' England...but only after the holidays are over.

I've been working like a fiend on my Mom's afghan (which I did not finish in time for Christmas).  Unfortunately the afghan was taking more time than I anticipated, but I figure I only have about 20 more hours to stitch all the rows together and get the border around the edge done.  Um...if you're lucky, you  may get it by next year, Mom!!  Sorry!!!!! 

What has been keeping me so busy?  Well, my friend Astrid has been moving into her new home, and a few days I've been over there finger her stash ah...I mean, helping her to organize her stitching room.  One day we went shopping...and made donuts...but mostly I've been busy shopping for the holidays.  I did happen to do some Christmassy stuff, such as go to the Festival of Trees with my good friend, Ms. M.  I also saw the Russian Ballet perform the Nutcracker for the first time.  It was a lovely evening with three other ladies.  We received a DVD and an actual Nutcracker with our tickets to the ballet.  Afterwards we had dinner, then drove to Federal Hill in Baltimore to view the Inner Harbor from the park there.  It was a wonderful evening, one I will not forget!

The Ballet was just what I needed to allow me to catch my breath and enjoy the wonderful time of year we are celebrating.  I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year!  I do hope you'll find peace and rest during this season and remember why we celebrate...the timeless and wonderful gift from God, the Prince of Peace, His one and only Son, Jesus.


Ruth said...

Wow -- such excellent stitching progress and a wonderful adventure to Inner Harbor to boot. Mouse's piece is PERFECT-- absolutely perfect! And that afgan... well, I can't say enough nice things about how good that looks. Sorry about the grinch at the ornie exchange. Maybe Santa will change his heart from coal to something a little more respectable over Christmas.

Linda said...

Wonderful stitching DJ. I love the mouse piece. Can you tell me the name and designer please? The afghan looks great.


Mouse said...

ooooooooooooo I can't wait to get that piece for real .... that chap will get socks and coal for Christmas .... and sooo jealous you got to see the ballet ....with your Mum's afghan .... think positive you are ahead for next year ahahahahahha .... Have a wonderful Christmas and a merry stitchy new year .... ((hugs)) love mouse xxxxx