Monday, October 27, 2014

Full speed ahead!


I have been working my fingers to the bone...literally!!  I have so much to do, and so little time lately, that I pulled out all the stops this weekend and just worked until I got caught up...whew!!

So....I have caught up on all my SAL's!  Yippee!!  At least until 4 days from now when new pages come out...LOL...but considering I was two and three pages behind in a couple, I feel like I can breath a little. is

Au Point de Croix

Marquis Francoise


My mother tasked me with making 15 crocheted crosses for the ladies in her organization for Christmas presents.  Since I have so many things going on I decided to knock them out and get them in the mail before the Christmas rush starts up. pictures, but they are finished!!

I've also been trying to make a couple of gifts, and finished one...finally!!  I've wanted to do something special for my friend who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer.  Here is a ribbon scarf...Now to get it in the mail...

And these turned into earrings for another friend whose birthday is the same day as mine!


And here is a bag I decided to crochet as a "traveling project" that I could work on in the car.  You see last weekend was my birthday, and my husband decided to take me away on a trip.  I knew I was going somewhere, just not where or what I would be doing.  So I wanted something to work on in the car if it happened to be a long drive.

Where did I end up, you ask?  In Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we went to a dinner theater to see this...

and we played  few rounds of mini golf...

and we went to see the Ghost Hunters....Jason Hawes and Steve Gonzalves their very own selves!!  I can't tell you how monumental this is...since I've been watching their series on TV since they started 10 seasons ago!!  My husband refuses to watch them because he just isn't into that sort of for him to buy tickets and attend without me even asking to go was really a HUGE surprise!  Thank you to my guys who made my birthday something really special this year!!

And now you see why I've been missing in action so much lately.......hopefully I'll be back on track with some new project to show you soon!


Kaisievic said...

Lots of lovely stitching and Happy Birthday to you. What a wonderful birthday trip for you. Your husband is a gem!

Denise SA said...

Belated happy birthday glad you had a wonderful trip

Linda said...

Beautiful stitching DJ. Looks like you had a great birthday.