Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Cool!

Hi Folks!

Yes, we are breaking heat records here in the Mid Atlantic.  UGH!!  Yesterday it reached 97 degrees in the Nation's Capital, and today it's supposed to get near that again, with the heat index reaching 105 F.  That's 41 C for you metric people.  We're meeeelllllltttiiiiing!  Ok, I said I wouldn't complain this summer after reaching -25 F (that's -31 C) with the wind chill at -40 F (that's -40 C) this past winter in New York.'s such a drastic extreme... from -40 to 105...Double UGH!!

Ok, rant over...but I said all that to's really too hot to stitch!  We are spoiled here with our air conditioning, I will admit.  I can't help feeling sluggish with the heat and the humidity the way that it is, though.  So I have very little stitching to show you.  Not to mention, I've been a little busy with things happening here.

First off, it was Astrid's I made her a little sachet.  Since it was my first one I wasn't expecting perfection, but after all my fussing and fuming, I think it turned out really cute.  So here it is, filled with Mulberry scented pot puree.  I think she liked it!

Next, is Royal Garden.  I hit a snag here a few days ago when I ran out of the pink Neon Rays from Rainbow Gallery.  As usual, my LNS was out of what I needed.  *sigh*  It never fails that I can't find at least one thing I'm looking for when I head up there (30 minute drive!!) so I end up ordering, then having to make another annoying!!  Anyway, I'm trying to stitch what I can around it while I wait for the fibers I need.  I love how this is working out...what a challenge learning all these new stitches!

Since I was a little discouraged, I thought I'd try another counted canvas project.  But again, I hit another snag...and hoped you would help me out.  It calls for "background" stitching.  But I found that the leaves from the "border" were disappearing...can you see what I'm talking about?  So I'm wondering if I should do the lattice work behind the bouquet.  I honestly need your opinion.  Should I stitch it or take out what I've already stitched?

I almost forgot to mention....30 years ago (wow, has it been that long???) This happened.  It's hard to believe I graduated from college that many years ago...

I haven't done any regular cross stitching....not sure why.  Lots going on in my personal life so  my brain isn't fully engaged I guess.  Between Father's Day, my son's and my Mom's Birthday, life is keeping be busy!!  So...that's all that's fit to print for now.  Hope everyone is safe from the horrible storms out west (they are due here soon!!) and that you are keeping cool.  Off to take my son out for crab cakes!  

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