Saturday, April 5, 2014

Merrily I go around

It's been a week of ups and downs.  
UP- I've been getting a LOT of stitching done!
DOWN- I found out I have arthritis in my knee.
UP- I was able to stay home most days this week!
DOWN- Vertigo forced me to cancel a lot of plans.  That included missing opening day for the Orioles...a game I already had tickets too.  :(
UP- I had medication at home to help combat the dizziness!
DOWN- The medication makes me a little dopey so I've made some mistakes.  Can you spell F-R-O-G?

But...sitting quietly rested my knee too, so it has begun to feel ALOT better, and the Dr. said the swelling has gone down quite a bit.  Until today (when I foolishly moved around a bit more) things were improving.  So I plan to stay quiet the rest of today and tomorrow and hopefully by Monday I'll be back to my normal crazy schedule.

So....what have I been stitching?  Well let me show you!!

First off I finally got things worked out and received the patterns for the SAL Maryse is having on her blog.  I am really enjoying this stitch!!  I am using the recommended DMC floss she listed on her blog and am stitching this on 40 ct over two Light Exampler fabric.  I got the first four parts, but was only able to stitch two parts.  I'm hoping to catch up before the next part comes out...but we'll see.

Next up is Quaker Diamonds.  Gillie and I decided to have our own SAL with this pattern.  We agreed to stitch one day a week and try to finish one motif each week.  I had a wee bit head start on her and though it looks like I'm going gang busters on this one I know after this week I'll be going a wee bit slower.  I'm stitching this with Valdani thread on 32 ct over one.  Yep...glutton for punishment...LOL!

I started another SAL this week...I have stitched this designers SALs before.  They are usually a mystery, but I have never been disappointed.  I was thrilled to realize I had all the floss and fabric already in my possession, and got started one night when I just needed a change of view from the other things I'm stitching.  I am stitching this on antique white 28 count over one linen thread using Anchor floss.  You can find the patterns for this SAL on this site.  Click hereJust click on SAL 2014 on the left side and it will take you to the information page with the patterns.  She won't have them up there for long so if you plan to do it, get the patterns before they are gone. 

I also started another Mystery SAL last week.  For some reason I have always had trouble printing off her patterns, and today I realized to my horror that I had made a HUGE mistake.  Part of the directions didn't print out, the part that says the banner of this piece should be stitched with one strand of floss.  The fabric count is 32 count and I am stitching it over two linen threads.  Who would think it would be stitched with one strand of floss???  So...I really need your opinion.  This isn't a very good picture but hopefully you can give me your opinion.  I have only stitched two colors, but I've spent probably at least 10 hours on this...should I tear it out and restitch what I've done?  Should I finish the castle in two threads and stitch the other motifs with one thread?   Or should I just finish the rest in two threads?  You can click here to see the picture as it should look and tell me.  I could really use your opinion.  For now I'm putting it on the back burner until I decide...*sigh*.

I've worked a short time on Spread the Love of God by Lizzie Kate and I'm loving this pattern.  If I didn't have all those SALs to catch up on I'm sure I'd have this finished by now!  

In fact I would have been farther along if I had remembered to bring my floss with me one day when I was out running an errand and I knew I would have time to stitch.  I grabbed everything but the floss for this pattern...WHAT WAS I THINKING???  LOL  I happened to have everything to start another

I started In the Meadow even though I didn't get too far, I feel like I accomplished a lot considering I had a lot of counting to do to get to this point.  I love this one...I'm stitching it on Scuppernog 40 ct fabric over two (No...NOT one..believe it or not I'm not THAT crazy!!) using the recommended hand dyed threads.  I guess this will be my "travel pattern" now...LOL

And I guess that's all the news for now.  I'm sure my stitching will slow down beginning soon I'll be getting physical therapy on my knee.  I'm looking forward to getting it a little stronger and getting out and going on walks.  I truly need to lose weight so if I can get moving soon that will be all the better!!  And I promise if the world doesn't stop spinning I'll get that checked out too.  I truly am tired of all the doctors appointments, I have some LIVING I want to catch up on!!  Okay...I'm off to get more stitching done.  Please don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what I should do with the PR SAL.  UGH...the thought of frogging all that makes me want to chuck it in a corner!!  Thanks!!  



Gillie said...

Well, you've got the dizzies and I've got the spacies! So why are we doing two SALs together, lol! You've passed me in both, boo hiss, going to sulk in the corner.......
Lovely stitching as always! Hope the knee improves soon xxx

Lisa V said...

You have lots of goodies on the go!

Blu said...

Lots of lovely stitching!
As for whether to frog the two stranded stitching I think it depends on whether part of the design is supposed to be stitched in two threads. If the designer is going for a depth/distance effect with the single strand then it might look odd. I would leave it like that for now.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress and stitching on all your projects DJ. I think the castle looks great just as you have stitched it. I would continue with 2 strands throughout.