Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope you  have had a blessed Easter!  I know I did!!  I have a new blog called Grace Notes and you can read about my Easter there if you wish!

I just wanted to run a little update by you to let you see what I've been up to.

A new piece of the Au Point de Croix was published last week and as I hope to keep updated on this SAL I printed it off and worked it up in a couple of days.  I really love this SAL!!

On Wednesday I didn't have much time, but I managed to finish up a small motif on this sampler.  Quaker Diamonds is challenging for me...I'm stitching it over one an a not too even weave fabric and it's 32 count to boot!  I will love it when I'm done!!  

I was working on Sheep in the Meadow today when I realized the picture I'm trying to "copy" changed the pattern up a bit.  So...unless I frog...a lot...that was stitched over one...I will have to change my strategy.  I've decided to put this up for just a bit until I figure out what I want to do.  Here is what I've accomplished so far...

And the men in white coats...I've decided to start another SAL.  This is called Marquoir de Francoise.  I love the colors in this one, the little motifs are so sweet.  I love how she only puts out a small piece, so you can stitch it in a short time.  So far I've stitched the first two portions.  You can find the patterns here.

That's all the news for now!  Have a great evening!


Linda said...

Nice progress on all your projects DJ.


stitchersanon said...

Im not sure if I clicked for my last comment to come up so if this is duplicate I apologise...lovely post. Adore all your projects xx