Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marching right along...

It has been such an unusual March...with the month starting out with a significant storm...ice, snow, rain, thunder...I can't get over the weather.  Now tomorrow it's supposed to have a high in the 70's, the  next day a high in the 30's.  Crazy, crazy weather.  AND...they are expecting 6-12 inches of snow in Norther New York where my Mom lives.  I'm sorry the weather will be bad there, but so thankful I'm home where at least we aren't expecting snow!!

I've been stitching here and there...working a wee bit on Renouveau...this is being stitched over one linen thread, and with all the large areas of concentrated stitching, it's been a little difficult...but I still like the way it's coming out.

So today I picked up Quaker Diamonds just for something different.  I am stitching this over one, against their advice of stitching the motifs and larger letters over two and the smaller letters over one.  Instead I am backstitching the smaller letters.  Any comments?  I'm not sure if I like the smaller letters, I'm thinking of just leaving them out.  Any suggestions?

I need to get my act together and put my exchange piece together.  I just haven't had time to get out and get the materials needed to put it together.  I really haven't had the heart to stitch much lately either.  I guess I'm losing my mojo...

Hopefully I'll have more to report soon...till then, happy stitching!


Mouse said...

ohhh nooo don't lose the mo jo ... well done on the progress you have made and I would take out the wee tiny letters and not do them ... that's my opinion .... hope you have a good stitchy week go ang get some inspiration with a visit to an LNS :) love mouse xxxxx

Meari said...

Noooo... don't lose your mojo! Maybe with nicer weather, you'll get more into the stitchy mood. You need inspiration :) Visit pinterest or blogs to get some eye candy!

Ranae said...

I'm with them don't lose your mojo now.
The stitches are awesome.
I love the Renouveau, who is the designer?
I'll have to look that one up
Keep on stitching!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Quaker Diamonds is a beautiful project!