Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year...and January Ort Report...

Happy New Year!

My resolve is to be more disciplined this year.  That encompasses a bunch of things, which I'm not going to list...that way if I fail you'll never know!  LOL  I did make a list of things I hope to do each day and showed them to my husband.  I also hope to start a study with a friend of mine and make her my accountability partner.  This truly needs to be a year of getting my act together.  I'm hoping all the surgeries, medicines, tests, doctor visits, etc are behind me and I can make this the year of getting well and healthy!  I think I'm finally feeling more energetic after all the procedures last year, so hopefully I'm on that path!  Wish me luck!!  

I hope to get a new tab working at the top that lists my stitching goals for 2014.  I didn't do too well with my goals from last year, but this is a new year, let's see how I get along this year!

It is a tradition with me to start something new on New Year's Day.  This year I chose a Mystery Sampler from a few years ago.  I've always admired the one hanging at my LNS and a friend very kindly gave me all three parts just after my last surgery.  I gathered the Materials together and had them waiting for this morning.  I put in a few stitches, gathered a few orts, and am posting pictures now but hope to get back to stitching for a little bit more.  I am stitching this on 40 ct Meadow Rue over two threads using the recommended Weeks Dye Works thread.

Here is my progress on The Nativity I started on Christmas day.  I think my eyes will need frequent breaks from this pattern, but I am anxious to get to a part in the pattern when there is something recognizable!!  LOL

 I've decided to participate in the 2014 TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch A Long) this year, keeping track of the ORTs (Old Ratty Threads) I use each month, taking a picture on the day of the new moon and posting it on my blog.  I tried to participate last year, but life kept getting in the way.  Here are the ORTs I collected last year...yes, I've done a lot of stitching!!  LOL  

I'm going to try to make a more concerted effort this year.  Here is what I've contributed so far this year.  

If you are interested in participating you can find more information and sign up here.  I hope you'll join us!  Have fun!!

And on that note, I'm off to get a wee bit more stitching in before I head off to see the Symphony of Lights.  It's the first time we've been able to see this light display that operated every year to benefit the Howard County General Hospital and is presented by Macy's.  Here is a website with some pictures if you are interested...and here is one with a wee bit more information.  I'm excited to see them!  My camera battery is low, but I hope to take a few tonight.  Hopefully next time I post you'll get to see them.

My wish for you is for a bright, prosperous, healthy New Year...blessed with lots of stitching and making of fond memories.  Happy New Year!!