Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

I do wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  (Even if I am a day late!)

I stitched this pattern many years ago, but it so exemplifies my feeling about the season.  I hope my first thought at Christmas is about the One who humbled himself and came to dwell among us, offering salvation and peace on earth for those who choose to accept his amazing and gracious gift.  Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus!

It's has been crazy here at DJ's Digs.  I love this time of year, but it's exhausting!  We were quite busy with church activities and then yesterday, it was all quiet on the western front!  I love Christmas day here at our house.  Though we are up relatively early, and the most work we do all day is cooking dinner, we really enjoy each other's company.  We usually get a new game for Christmas and this year we got Mah Jongg, the card game.  Most people think it's a matching game, but in reality, Mah Jongg is a lot like Bridge, where you make certain hands before you can lay down your cards, then you steal points from other players.  It was a wonderful time to spend together, I love it that we like to play games and enjoy each others company.  I hope it is always that way!!  In the end we went to the movies to see Saving Mr. Banks, a really good heart warming story, that both my guys and I enjoyed! 

 I was fortunate this year to have received some wonderful gifts from stitchy friends.  Astrid knows me too well!!  She really spoiled me this year, so along with a few goodies she gave me a few things to enhance my nativity collection.  Thank you Astrid, they are both lovely and meaningful and they will be displayed throughout the year!

I participated in a Secret Santa exchange this year.  What fun!!  I sent two charts to my partner, and someone sent me two charts, both from the same needlework store.  Too funny!!  Stitching Bits and Bobs was wonderful in that they included a lovely note explaining the charts were from my Secret Santa, and included a few freebies along with A Red Cottage, and Simple Gifts-Courage.  My fingers are itching to get started on these!!

Now that everyone has their gifts, I can show you what I've been busy stitching!  First off is a gift to my ornament exchange partner, Ally.  I sent her two but I only have pictures of one of them.

Next are two things I stitched for Astrid.  I loved this ornament so much, I plan to stitch one for myself too!  She is also a Saints fan, so I stitched this little pin for her.

I stitched a little ornament for Gillie as well.  She stopped by just after Thanksgiving so I was able to give her her gift in person though she chose to wait for Christmas to open hers!

As far as the little stitching I've been able to fit in here and there, here is my progress onRenouveau

A scarf I learned to make watching a youtube video.  It matches my coat perfectly and my guess is (since it's so easy to make) they might make good gifts next year!   

And my start on the amazing pattern my husband gave me for Christmas.  It is a nativity design from HAED.  He hunted down all the floss and I even had a piece of fabric big enough to stitch it hanging around the house!  I've decided to stitch it on 32 count over one.  Will you visit me in the looney bin when I'm finally driven there?

I know there is probably more I should write about, but my mind is still trying to process all the events of the past couple of weeks.  You probably won't hear from me again until 2014, but I hope and pray you enjoy the holidays and time spent with people you love and care for.  For those who have lost loved ones this year, heartfelt prayers are being offered up for you.  My prayer for all of you is that you are blessed beyond measure in the coming New Year.  *Hugs*


Gillie said...

No, I am not coming to visit you.. they might keep me in too! Thank you for my beautiful ornament, the package came all the way to Wyoming to be opened! Here's to lots of meet ups in 2014!

Mouse said...

Merry Christmas to you and a very merry stitchy new year full of finishes and new starts .... and ermmm one over one on 32 *sheesh thought mine was bad on one over one on 25
thank you for my goodies you made me smile :) love mouse xxxxx

Kay said...

Beautiful sewing. Happy Christmas to you.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Oooo - I can't wait to watch your progress on the HAED! I've had my eye on that one!! : ) So glad you had a Merry Christmas and were spoiled with stitching goodies!

Denise SA said...

Glad you had such a nice family Christmas the ornaments are beautiful and I wish you well with your HAED I would visit you in the loony bin but they might not let me out of the one I am in

Astrids dragon said...

All your gifts are beautifully made, I especially love what you stitched for me, thanks again.

Oh boy, we can go crazy together working on our HAEDs!