Saturday, September 7, 2013

Traveling Pattern Winner

Hi there!  

Have you all been on pins and needles waiting to see who won the Traveling Pattern?  Well you can all take a huge breath!  The winner is... (drum roll please)...lanybleu!!!  If you would please email your address to me at I will get that in the mail shortly!!  Thank you to the rest of you who participated.  Please remember the rules, you must stitch this up quickly and send it on to the next person.  The person you pick must have a blog.  It has been such a pleasure to participate and I hope you will enjoy stitching this as much as I have! 

Please keep watching this space.  October is coming up and I will be having a giveaway next month.  Not only is it my birth month, it's breast cancer awareness month, and you know how near and dear it is to me to get the word out.  I'm glad I reminded myself, as I have to get something stitched!!  

Lastly, before I head out the door, I just wanted to post an updated picture of The Three Wise Men I've been stitching.  I haven't had much time this week, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to make progress.  I can't wait to see this finished!

Hope you are having a good weekend.  Happy stitching!!


stitcheranon said...

Just found your blog..cant think why it has taken me so long lol. Love the xmas chart and congrats to Elaine xxx

lanybleu said...

Really pleased, will abide by all the rules, I am excited to be able to stitch and have a giveaway for the next lucky person. xx

Astrids dragon said...

Congrats Lany, it's a fun one to stitch and change the colours with!