Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making progress...

It's been a busy week, or so...whenever the guys are home for any length of time, it gets busy here at DJ's Digs.  I don't remember doing anything, so to speak, but they seem to keep me busy.  We did have dinner at a friend's house on Labor Day, and we did spend some time at The Green Turtle signing up for Fantasy Football.  There is no money involved with that, it's just for fun with the folks at our church, but, my oh my, do they take their football seriously.  We aren't real football fans, just like to have the fellowship.  What's the name of our football team?  "What's a Football" and that in itself tells the story!  LOL

Now...on to the fun stuff!!  Let's see...I spent yesterday with the lovely Ms. M.  She accompanied me to one of my many doctors appointments.  The good news is my blood pressure is stabilized, so I'm off one of my meds for good as long as things stay stable.  YAY ME!!  Afterward we made our way to Hobby Lobby where I purchased some yarn.  There are a couple of ladies at our church who will be having babies soon so I've decided to make a few afghans in case I'm invited to either of their showers.  I got started on one of them yesterday.  Here's my progress so far.  Those pichots are giving me fits, but so far so good I think.

I've been working on older crazies from last year.  Here is my progress on The Three Wise Men from Blackberry Lane designs.  I have been stitching this on 40 count over one, full cross stitches...and yes it's driving my eyes buggy!!  LOL  Insanity here I come!!

In case you haven't seen the pattern, here is a picture of the model.

And last, but definitely not least, here is what's been cooking in the kitchen.  Now I can't take credit for these babies, as my husband is the master at making these.  They are constantly in demand from friends and coworkers for decades!  They aren't perfectly made like some you've seen, but they are our version and they are scrumptious!!  They are called buckeye balls, made with peanut butter, rice krispies, confectioners sugar, butter and dipped in semi sweet chocolate.  

And on that note I'll bid you a fond farewell.  Heading out to my LNS shortly to spend a gift certificate I got for my anniversary from my biggest fan...dear hubby!  Hope you have a great day!  *Hugs*


Shebafudge said...


New visitor to your blog and loving your 3 Wise Men design. Gorgeous! I think I will add that to my wishlist.

Veronica said...

Whoa! 40 count over one? I have difficulty with 32 count over one as it is. You go, girl! Wonderful progress... It's looking great. You're nearly there :)

P.S. Those buckeye balls certainly look delicious!

Denise SA said...

The buckeye balls look delicious your stitching progress is fantastic especially as its over 1

Astrids dragon said...

Shhh, don't tell anyone I still have a couple buckeyes in the fridge! It's my special treat of the day!