Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lots of news...

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping back again!  I've been a busy lady this week, though very little to show for it, but here goes!!  

First off is a baby afghan I finished.  This was an unusual one, like I've never done before.  I do like the way it came out though...what do you think?  I wish you could feel how soft this is!!

As soon as I finished this one, I started another.  I am on the last round of the border, but I threw in the towel yesterday.  The picots are getting to me, there are so many of them.  I'll have to find a day when I'm a little more patient.  I do love this pattern, even though it seems a bit small.

I started a cross stitch for some girls I know who are into the Disney Princesses.  I finished a Snow White many years ago but never got it framed.  I found it recently and tried to figure out who to give it to.  I  decided on this one family, but they have three girls.  I found a Sleeping Beauty pattern, but now am searching for a Cinderella pattern.  I want it to compliment the other two...and I'm struggling.  Does anyone have a Cinderella pattern I could borrow/buy?    Next time I post I'll have the Snow White piece and more of this one so you can see what I'm talking about and then let me know where I can find a complimentary pattern.  I'm hoping to have these as Christmas gifts so time is of the essence!!

I'm going to start two SALs soon.  I have the materials standing by, I just need to find a quiet moment to get started.  I'll share where I've found them in case you are interested.  One starts tomorrow and can be found on the Plum Street Samplers Blog.  It's a mystery, but since I love her patterns I'm sure I'm going to like the results.  It's a Christmas theme and named Mary's Sampler.  You can find the information here.

The second is already in progress and I think the second part will be coming out soon.  Again, I have the materials standing by, but can't seem to find the time to get this started.  I love the saying and she has it charted for different languages.  You can find this SAL here.

Last, but not least, I keep watching the number of followers I have.  I'm almost to 200.  If I ever do reach that  number, I'm thinking of having a giveaway.  I haven't decided what that will be just yet, or how I'll choose the recipient.  But if you know of someone who is not a follower just yet, let them know about my giveaway ok?  Thanks!

I haven't seen this little guy around lately.  Seems someone has been taking care of our little lost "Garfield".  I think it's hilarious that he stops by to torment Thomas from time to time.  

We seem to get lots of little visitors to DJ's Digs...just check out what is on the outside of my screen this morning.  I'm glad I'm on the inside!!  I can't tell what he is from the underside, but bugs give me the willies either way!!

This weekend will be a little tense I guess, as the government decides what to do with the budget.  My prayer is that they will settle the budget before the first of the fiscal year.  Since they are our primary...well only...source of income at the moment, it could get a little dicey around here without paychecks coming in.  I worry about our country lately with all that is going on.  It makes me want to run for congress or the senate just to knock some sense into the folks in Washington.  I'm afraid it would be a losing battle though.  Anyway, let's hope they settle things soon.  A lot of people in this area depend on government jobs.

I still haven't finished the scissors fobs, but please don't forget to check back in October for the Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway!!  The drawing will be sometime around the 18th! 

Till next time, happy stitching!


Gillie said...

I have knowledge of another possible SAL too...... Are you interested, lol? Definitely joining you in Paulette's SAL but won't gather supplies til I am back in Michigan. Love the baby afghans.

Denise SA said...

Dear DJ love the afghans and it's good to know that you are joining in the Sal

Jo said...

Amazing afghan DJ. I'm in the SAL as well but need to pick up some threads before starting. Look forward to seeing snow white x

Shelly said...

Beautiful afghans! I just became a follower. Bugs creep me out too!