Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...

Good Morning!

You would think this dawn would be brighter after the storms we had last night, but it seems to be dreary even though the sun is beginning to rise in the sky.  We had quite the day yesterday, with torrential downpours and amazing electric light displays. is summertime and the weather unpredictable here in the Mid-Atlantic.

It's quiet here at DJ's Digs for the moment.  But I know in a little while the guys will be waking up and the peace shattered once their feet hit the floor.  We were out late last night (a rarity for us) seeing the movie Elysium in IMAX.  I wasn't enamored with all the violence, but the story was good.  I won't say anything more in case you are off to see the movie.  Let's just say we were all surprised by the events that happened.  And of course, the guys saw the political angle of the movie...and what they saw really did make you think.  I love how my guys can pick apart things they see and understand the implications of what may happen in the future...though I will say it does scare me sometimes.

Enough pondering...LOL  On with the stitching!  I've been stitching up a storm this week.  On Monday I finished three Christmas ornaments.  I really find these sleds to be quite cute!!  They are a quick stitch and so easy to finish off.  Someone was really clever in figuring these out!

On Tuesday I finished off Friendship Blooms.  I enjoyed stitching on this, and hope my SAL partners aren't too angry with me.  My fingers kept straying to this piece and I just HAD to finish.  Sorry Mouse and Babs.  I truly love this one and will have to think long and hard about getting this one framed.

On WIP Wednesday I concentrated solely on Winter's Majesty.  I was finally able to fill in so much of the lower half that I decided there was so much back stitching that I had better get started.  I hate back stitching...especially with metallic thread...and then when you have to double the thread my knickers get in a twist!  I'll be lucky if I have any hair left on my head when I'm through with this piece.  Between all the confetti stitches, blending filament, and metallic thread back stitching, it's a cross stitcher's nightmare!  If I can keep from getting a knot in my knickers I might just come out of this one with my sanity in tact...though considering my already fragile state, that is questionable indeed!!


I could use your opinion though.  The back stitching around the flowers calls for two strands of the metallic thread.  It is difficult to pull the thread through the fabric considering the concentration of the stitches here.  Do you think I really  need two strands of thread?  Do they really need back stitching?  There are a LOT of these flowers...with all their confetti stitches...and back strikes fear in the heart of this veteran stitcher...fear that I truly will lose my sanity before I finish this piece.  LOL!!

Did I mention there is back stitching around the snowflakes too?  And that they are stitched with two threads of Marlett?  And you wonder why my train goes chuggin' 'round the bend so often.  I really think it will be challenging to back stitch these with two strands of metallic thread, can you imagine what it will do next to that marlett?  The thought of the snag potential there has me shaking in my boots!!


When I was resting my  hands (because Winter's Majesty is a pretty big project and it's weight makes my hands tired sometimes)  I was able to put a few stitches in Violet's Blue.  I have loved this pattern since the first time I saw it online.  It's working up quite quickly I must say and is by far my favorite to work on right now!!  

I was able to head up to the Stitching Post to pick up those sleds I had ordered...and look what fell into my shopping cart.  Those things just jump off the shelves, don't they?  You need to be so careful when you go in there...I think those employees train those all day to jump into your cart.  Shameful!!  LOL 

On a final note, I just thought I would share this "devil" cat picture.  I don't know if the angle of the light was just right, or what caused this effect, but here is Thomas, appearing to have one blue eye and one green eye.  Creepy, right?  He has been acting a bit strangely lately.  There are times I wish I could read his mind, and then there are times I'm glad I can't.  LOL  

Devil I right???

And on that note, I'll bid you a fond farewell.  I'll see you at the next blog update!


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Morning, DJ! I love your little sleds! And WOOHOO on the finish! It's beautiful! I hope you are feeling ok in the summer weather. Hugs!


Linda said...

Hi DJ. I love the little sled ornaments that you have done. Can you send me the info as to where I might be able to order them. I would really appreciate it.


Blu said...

Those sleds are adorable!

I think that the flowers look fine with one strand. Besides there's no point in struggling with two threads if you're having difficulty pulling the needle through when it looks fine as is.

Mii Stitch said...

Love the little sleds finish, so clever :)

Jeanne said...

I saw those little sleds at an LNS in Illinois one time, they are so cute! Love your BRD finish too, I've done a few of her patterns and it's fun to get each little section done. Winter Majesty is awesome, I like the gold outline stitch but yes it looks like a pain. Maybe do a few each time you pick up the piece to work on it and you'll eventually get through them.