Thursday, May 30, 2013

Then and Now

Hi out there in blogland!  It's a nostalgic day here at our house.  It's Ben's last day of school.  So many memories have been made from the first time we walked him to school in Germany until he drove himself to his last day here in Maryland.  Tomorrow he will walk across the stage and get his diploma and then it will all be over but for the shouting.  Excuse a mother's pride here, but I can't help thinking what a great job he did raising us as parents.  I think he taught us just as much as we taught him, and though our family is small, we are tight and happy.  I feel wonderfully blessed!!  Here he is then (kindergarten)

and now (graduation) 

I have been crazy busy for a few weeks now, as you can tell from the sparse blog entries.  My sister visited with her grandson and we spent a whirlwind weekend seeing some sights in Washington.  

Air and Space Museum

Natural History Museum


National Zoo...lions and tigers and bears OH MY!!


She left our Mother here for Ben's graduation and we have had a busy few days getting settled and preparing for graduation tomorrow.  I haven't had time to stitch much, but did get my portion of Gillie's RR stitched and am just waiting for Frances to settle someplace so I can send it on to her.  Last I heard, Sally's RR is being sent from Gillie too, I had better get my fingers limbered up so I can get hers stitched and on its way as well!!  Here is the portion I stitched on Gillie's.

I did get my exchange pieces stitched, I'm just waiting to get my act together to get them finished off so I can pop them in the mail to my partner, Tricia.  Hang in there, Tricia, I'll be getting them together soon!  Once she has them in her hands, I'll post a pic.

I did get a little stitching done on Winter's Majesty, but didn't take any pictures just yet.  There really wasn't much to post.  I need my life to slow down a few paces so I can get in some stitching!!  I guess I'll end this post here since I have no stitching pics to show...there goes life getting in the way again!  Hopefully all is well out there in blogland!  I'll be in touch again soon!  Till then, stay safe and stitch happy!  *Hugs*


Mouse said...

ooo you look like you have had fun on your days out :) love the tiger and well done on getting the stitching done on Gillies RR ...
think the photos of Ben are cute ... he looks like you more now .... better go and get ready for work ... squeak to you soon and hope you get a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx

Astrids dragon said...

Wow, he looks totally different, what a cutie - then and now!

I'm glad your having a good time with the family and still find time to stitch. I'm missing our stitching time!