Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring has arrived!

Yes indeed, spring has sprung.

I love this area in the springtime.  It's the first time in a long while I've been able to get to DC to see the cherry blossoms, and it was nice to ride in to town with a friend who knew the way.  The lovely Miss M joined Mr. and Mrs. Lee and myself in our escapades as we enjoyed the lovely 80 degree weather, the lovely sunshine, and the hoards of tourists.  It was worth hauling my sleepy buns out of bed at 0'dark thirty!

With the lovely cherry blossoms comes Opening day at Camden yards.  I won't bore you with a lot of pictures and details.  Just suffice it to say, it was worth braving the cold winds that day to see the Orioles win against the Twins and see Chris Davis hammer a grand slam home run to come from behind and win the game.  I hope this season is as exciting as last season!

I've not had much time for stitching the last three weeks.  It's been crazy here at DJ's Digs.  Between all my misadventures with baseball games, tip-toeing among the cherry blossoms, I've had some  medical tests and procedures that have taken up quite a bit of my time.  What little stitching I have had time for, I've been breaking my neck trying to finish a wedding sampler for my Physical Therapist.  I may (or may not) finish in time for her wedding, but don't plan to frame it until she returns from her honeymoon, where she hopes to find a souvenir to place inside the frame.  Can't wait to see what she comes up with!!  Here is my progress so far.

I've not had time to stitch on Friendship Blooms, the SAL I have been working on with Mouse and Babs.  I did finish up this little teapot in the last two weeks.  *Hanging head in shame*  So much to do, so little time to stitch.

I've decided to participate in a Round Robin with Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group.  I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.  Here is a picture of what I plan to send off.  I have all the materials, but haven't had time to get started on it yet.  I need to get my buns in gear, as I need to send it off in a couple of weeks.  Wish me luck...and please send for the men in white coats if you see me start to go batty.  It's going to be a busy year!!

Off to meet up with Astrid and see what kind of adventures we can have today.  Hopefully I'll have a little time to get stitching tonight!  Stay tuned, I may (or may not) have pictures of our adventures today!  *Hugs*


Mii Stitch said...

Great pic & love the new LHN project!

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely pics and stitching! This is a great new project for your RR!

Gillie said...

I sent the little men over ages ago, didn't they find you? Looking forward to stitching on the RR. 37 degrees here and raining so lovely to see your photographs!

Astrids dragon said...

Beautiful pictures, so glad you were able to go. The wedding sampler looks even better in person! Looking forward to tonight!

Pete's Pixie said...

Can't wait to start on your RR DJ, it looks lovely. Now if only I could decide what I am going to do for mine!! DC looks lovely with the cherry blossom. I remember being in Central Park with all the cherry blossom out and it looked absolutely beautiful. Take care lovely. hugs, Ally xx