Saturday, March 30, 2013

Say it ain't snow!

Hello out there!  It's been a wild and whacky week, but here we are getting ready to celebrate Easter, and we had our first significant snowfall just this past week.  *Shaking head*  What has gotten into our weather, anyway??

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures to show back home before it was able to melt away into oblivion again.  We sure could use a little more precipitation, but not in the frozen white form thank you!  We fuss, close schools, and have a frolic in the snow, but back where I was born, this is nothing to get excited about.  It was, however, the first real batch of snow my son had to drive in.  It was the school spring break, but with his internship he was still obligated to go to work.  Thankfully the roads stayed pretty clear and he didn't have much trouble.  It's hard getting used to letting my baby teenager drive in bad weather.  I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.

It was a busy week, so not much stitching got done.  I had a few appointments, a little medical procedure, and some days of feeling pretty blah.  I had a few things to crochet,   I make cross bookmarks for people who are having children dedicated or who are being baptized at our church and have already given them to the Pastor's wife.  Next time I will take better pictures!  So there really isn't much to share this week.

I was able to work a wee bit on my old SAL...

I started a new project...a wedding sampler for my physical therapist who is getting married soon (I won't have it done in time but wanted to get it started so she could see it).  Can't see much, I know, but I hope to work on it more this weekend.

So...that's all there is that's fit to print.  I hope you all have a Happy and Blessed Easter, and remember the true meaning of our Lord's sacrifice.  Our sins have been washed away and we are joint heirs with Jesus.  Hallelujah!  It doesn't mean we are perfect, for we never can be, but it does mean He has redeemed our lives and we can live eternally in heaven.  Yesterday was the anniversary of Tyler's death.  His parents placed a sign by his grave site.  Such sadness and such hope all at the same time.  A young lady who knew Tyler wrote this about him if you care to visit her website.  We miss you Tyler, but know that one day we will worship side by side again.

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Gillie said...

Mm pretty feeble attempt at snow, I must say! What did you choose in the end for the wedding gift?