Saturday, January 12, 2013

Heavenly update...

Hi there blogging pals!  It's a  new year, and I'm turning over a new leaf.  Let's see how far into the year I can keep this resolution...LOL  I'm hoping I can blog more often, I sort of lost steam for a while there.  As long as I have progress on projects I will try to do an update at least once a week.

Call me crazy, and I know some of you already do...LOL...but I started a Heaven and Earth design.  I have Tricia over at The Stamper's Stitches to blame for this one who posted her start of The Little Drummer Boy's Stocking.  I have to remember to keep DH away from the computer when I'm strolling through the internet.  The Little Drummer Boy is his favorite Christmas Carol, and Tricia had her progress of her project posted on her blog when I was passing by.  I saw the look on DH's face, so off through the internet my fingers wandered until I found a place I could download it.  Just so there is no is where I bought the pattern.  Thanks, Tricia, for clarifying that!!  I started it a couple of days ago, after buying most of the floss I needed at Hobby Lobby (there are 90 DMC colors in this piece!!!)  After checking Tricia's blog she is progressing much more rapidly than I am, and in a more organized manner, and I think I may be blubbering by the time I'm finished with the pieces I've chosen this year.  I wonder if I'll get them finished in this calendar year, what do you think?  Here's my progress so far.  It's stitched on 25 ct over one!

I finally had a stitch day with Astrid last Thursday.  We've been trying to get together since a week or more before Christmas...and between us we were just too busy.  Hopefully we'll be more regular now that the holidays are over.  I was able to give her her gift too...and in her words she was expecting/hoping I would make her a scarf too... and thankfully I didn't disappoint her.  Here is a picture of the scarf I made, from yarn called Diva...I have really found a fascination for the yarn with sequins...LOL.  

We were able to watch the season opener for Downton Abbey that she had DVR'd since I was at the hockey game with the boys when it was on.  Who is NOT breathing a sigh of relief that Mary and Matthew finally got married...but I do see sparks flying in their future don't you?  I have a guess that there's a sleeper waiting to save Downton, does anyone else share my suspicions?  I can hardly wait for Sunday night!!  And those of you in England who already know what has happened, please don't spoil it for your American cousins...LOL  A cryptic comment on my last post has  me guessing that we'll be watching it again next Monday together.

I've been trying to think of a way to put my stitching goals up for this year.  I have a few pieces I want to start this year but I'm also hoping to finish the others that I had started last year and didn't finish.  I think for now I'll put a list of the recent starts in the side bar...hopefully I can revamp things a little so I can organize and keep up with my hoped for watch this space!!  LOL

Ok, off to get some stitching done.  It's been a crazy week with not a lot of stitching getting done, but I'm afraid DH has plans to get some work done around the house.  *sigh*  I love having him  home but I have a hard time keeping up with his pace.  Wish me luck!   



Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Wonderful start on your stocking DJ!! I'm so glad I could be the enabler for once! And, so there's no confusion, WE BOTH BOUGHT THE PATTERN. I'd hate for anyone to think that I posted the entire chart online, or that you just found a place you could download it illegally!! : ) I'll post an update on mine today! : )


Linda said...

Great new start. Love the colors in the scarf.


Maggee said...

You have a great start there on the stocking! It is no easy feat to finish an HAED chart in a year, so don't stress yourself... That scarf is lovely--wonderful gift! I cannot WAIT for the next Downton Abbey too! Hugs!

Nicola said...

Well done on tackling a HEAD. They are awesome, mu mind boggles and all those sttches.

Astrids dragon said...

That is a beautiful pattern, more "power" to you!

I love my scarf and was so thrilled that I got one! I'm getting ready to blog about it, but it's hard to take pictures to capture those colours.

Yes, I'm taping Downton Abbey for us - unless you can't wait and have to watch it tonight!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That stocking will be quite the undertaking but will be worth it in the end!