Saturday, January 19, 2013

A little of this...a little of that...

I wish you could see how beautiful it is here today!  The sun is shining, the sky is such a lovely shade of blue.  After the past few grey days, it sure is a breath of fresh air!

I'm anticipating a quiet day of stitching.  The boys are going to the Orioles Fan Fest, and I've decided to just relax and stitch today.  There is so much I should be doing around here, I still haven't taken my tree down, but after the week I've had I would just rather sit and contemplate my navel while I stitch.

I do have a little progress to show you, so without further ado, here is Winter's Majesty 

and a close up so you can kind of see how many color changes there are.


The confetti stitches are driving me insane.  What I mean by confetti stitches is that there are tiny spots of different colors that make up the design, so starting and stopping all those stitches really make for slow going.  I do like the effect so I guess I shouldn't complain!  There will be outlining when I'm through the cross stitching, and that should really define things then.  I can't wait to see the final product!!

Tuesdays I'm having a stitch a long with Mouse and Babs.  I'm afraid I had far too much time on Tuesday and finished a few blocks.  I know that next Tuesday I will be busy, so won't get as much done, so please don't be too hard on me ladies.  Here is a close up of my progress.

I was lucky enough to catch my pal Alice on a day when she had some free time and we got together to stitch.  I pulled out one of my "crazies" from last year that I didn't get to finish and took that to stitch.  The others that I have right now are too big for a "traveling project" and this one is a little smaller.  So here is my progress on Matter's Choice by Carriage House Samplings.  I  may have to work some kind of rotation because I had forgotten how much fun this is to stitch on!!

I can't remember if I shared about the lottery tickets I got for Christmas.  I like to get the smaller denomination tickets, the ones that cost one or two dollars.  I won nearly $60.00 on three one dollar tickets!!  I now have a nest egg for a needlework stand!  How cool is that??

So there you  have it!  I don't expect as much progress next week as I have a ton of Doctors appointments but I'm hoping that will slow down soon.  I'll leave you with a picture of Tom, doing what I need to do more of!  Have a great day!


Mouse said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooo you have stitched wayyyy more than me , but will let you off ,looks gorgeous , I've realised I haven't got the day lily colour so will have to get it ordered as need it asap for my tree , love your wip and awwwwwww Thomas is soo cute :)
hope all goes well with the appointments ((hugs)) love mouse xxxx

Virpi said...

I love that Winter's majesty piece. Unfortunately it is no longer for sale =(. I intended to stitch it as a 40 years birthday for my twinsister but waited too long to purchase it.

Gillie said...

Good, glad you are staying home to stitch, have a peaceful day!

Maggee said...

Very nice stitching so far! I have Matter's Choice, but not started yet. I am going to email you...Hugs!

Astrids dragon said...

Everything looks wonderful, per usual! So glad you had some alone time, that's always nice.

Love pats to Mr. Tom, he's a cutie!

Can't wait to see/stitch with you this week.

Denise SA said...

Your stitching looks great and so does that cat