Saturday, November 24, 2012

So much to be thankful for...

Hi there!!  So sorry to have been absent for so long.  Life keeps getting in the way...I hope you and your loved ones had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for the Lord's provisions...a loving family, a caring church family, for fast and abiding friends, for food and shelter, for His abiding Word, Grace, and Love. Praying you all receive His blessings today and every day!

It has been a whirlwind here, and I am still not back to work.  I can't imagine how I found the time and energy to do all that I did in the past while working full time, or maybe all the things that have happened in the past few years have aged me that much...LOL  Don't tell my husband I said that or he will never let me live it down!!!

It took me over a month, but I was finally able to connect with my buddy, Sonya, and she took me to a great Irish restaurant, Brian Boru, for my birthday lunch.  That would have been enough, but look what else she had for me...

Isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?  She knows I love violets, and the cup is an antique with such an unusual shape...just like me!!  LOL  It's perfect, Sonya, I love it so much and love you even more!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I wanted to make something very special for her special birthday last year and looked for months for the perfect teacup, then stitched a swan for a pincushion for the top.  You can find a picture here. 

I did do something this year that I have never done before and vowed I would never do.  I went out shopping on Black Friday.  I have to say, I could joke around with the employees at different places and hoped I made their day a little more pleasant, however there was one store I was in that someone in line was very sarcastic, and my husband shot her a short, sarcastic comment of his own.  It takes a lot to get under hubby's skin, and he rarely lets his temper show.  I was glad we were nearly on our way out of the store.  LOL  I must admit that we did find some pretty awesome bargains and with what we saved probably got a few things for free!  I love shopping for people and this year, since I haven't worked much, funds are a little short.  Hubby has decided to pull in the reigns and try to keep  my spending in control.  He's doing a great job!  

So...I have had some issues with my hand and have had to slow down a bit in the arts and crafts department.  I did finish up a couple of scarves for Christmas gifts and they are on their way to the post office as I type.  It's ok if I put them on my blog since people know what they are getting.  Here are a couple of pictures.  I have to admit, that using a different hook and type of yarn makes a huge difference in the size of things.  You can see when I put the grey and pink scarves together that though they were the exact same pattern, they are very different in size.  Whew knew?  I love making this scarf, it takes only one skein of yarn and I can make one in a couple of hours.  

I love the yarn from the grey scarf....I tried to take a closeup so you could see the sequins embedded in the yarn.  I thought it might be scratchy on my neck, but it truly is soft and cozy!!  So I'll be warm and sparkly..LOL

 I had never made a cowl scarf before, and this one was a lot of fun.  However my guage was off, I think it should have been a wee bit longer, but it sure is warm!!  I wish you could feel how soft the yarn was!!

I haven't had much time to stitch, and just when I think I might get a few minutes, something always pops up.  I will admit, I am getting very tiredI miss the energy I used to have.  I'm glad my hubby talked me into not going back to work for a while longer.  I'm hoping I can get my strength back one day, but for now it's good to scale things back.  I have had a little time, and here is my progress on Quaker Harmony from My Big Toe.  I have reached an impasse though...I started stitching a flower basket in the center of the circle but found I was a few stitches off.  While I was stitching, I kept thinking how much I didn't like the color (I wish I had taken a picture before I frogged it all) and found another color to substitute.  Now I'm still debating, which color do you like better?  The darker or the lighter?  I could really use your opinion, would you mind leaving me a comment?  I may even choose a third color, but would like any input you have.  The lighter color is supposed to be Williamsburg Red, but I was substituting a DMC color 3721.  The darker color is Bing Cherry from Crescent Colours.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much for your help.

And on that note, I'll bid you a good afternoon.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend and are spending some quality time with your family.  I'm thinking about all those ladies who are at Harrogate this weekend, and wishing I could be there with them.  What fun they must be having!!  Can't wait to see your stash enhancement photos!!  *Hugs*   


EvalinaMaria said...

What a lovely pincushion! Your stitching is amazing.
Evalina, This and that...

Astrid's dragon said...


The pincushion Sonya gave you is beautiful, lucky girl!

Love your scarfs, you might just have to teach me how to make one.

As for your colour choices, I think I like 3721, the other one looks a little too dark. Just my opinion!

Hugs and see you soon

Nicola said...

Your pin cushion is amazing, what a beautiful gift to receive.

Violets represent love and faithfullness.

Maggee said...

Happy After Thanksgiving! It came and went so quickly! Love the violets cup/pincushion! I love china and crystal--one of my secret passions. Have been very good lately at NOT giving in to purchasing any! I still have boxes of it packed for my children to inherit! You know...once the children are bigger, once they get a bigger house, and so on... 2013.. out come the boxes! As for colors, I like the lighter 3721 color. JMO! Hugs!

Denise SA said...

Those scarves look good but I just love your violet teacup

Linda said...

What a lovely pincushion DJ. I love the scarves you made. Is there any chance you get tell me where you got the pattern from. Love Quaker Harmony. I think I would go with the lighter color. Looks like it goes with the other colors.


Connie said...

I'd go for the lighter shade - the darker one is too dominant for my taste.