Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moving on...

Well the past week has been quite exciting...LOL   I've been a wee bit busy with meetings and voting and learning some new crafts.  So without further ado, let me show you what I've been up to.

This is something I made yesterday after finding out that someone I know would like a scarf.  I'm pretty sure this is NOT what she  had in mind, but I had to see if I could make one just to satisfy my curiosity.   The original pattern I found here had yarn with beads embedded in it.  I found this yarn with sequins embedded in it.  It's not as long as I would like and have thought I might want to increase the length if I can figure out how many more stitches to add.  The yarn isn't as soft when it's been worked up as it is when you feel the ball of yarn.  So...what should I do with this?  Don't worry...I really have something in mind...but it's still a work in progress for me...LOL

I've been getting a little stitching done, but not as much as I would like.  Here is Quaker Harmony from  My Big Toe.  This is another of my crazies, and will make number 15 when I'm done.  The flower in the center of the ring is done in a color that I really don't like.  I can't decide what I should do...I stitched part of it, took it out because I realized I was a few threads off, and have been trying to decide if I want to change the color or what I should do.  Any thoughts?  The color they suggest is a light rust and looks faded compared to the other colors around it.  Decisions Decisions...LOL  Sadly, removing the color I had there left a pinkish tinge to the fabric.  Because it was a few threads off, I'm afraid it will show...*sigh*

Here's the new craft I mentioned above.  Astrid and I went to an arts and crafts fair last Friday.  We found someone demonstrating embossing.  Astrid likes to get her crafty on so we encouraged one another to get some stencils, the embossing tool, and some card stock.  We neglected to get the powdered chalk, and now we can't find it.  LOL  I found some chalk pastels and tried to see if it would work.  It's harder to work with I think, but I'm determined to make it work!!  I'm not happy with how dark the colors are, but I'll keep experimenting until I get things right.  Trouble is, this really stresses out my hand.  So does crocheting for that matter, but I can't stop  myself!  Everything in moderation I guess!!

Well, I'm so thankful the election is finally over.  I'm tired of the robo-calls that we were bombarded with...and the debates on facebook and other places.  It's not the outcome I had hoped for, and I worry about our nation and how it will survive the decisions made (same sex marriages, more casinos, and the dream act I feel are detrimental to our state) not to mention another four years under Obama, but as I wrote on facebook... President Obama will never understand or admit that he IS a part of God's plan, just as Pharaoh was a part of God's plan for the Israelites. All we can do is watch, wait and pray for God to reveal His strength and might. Nothing happens by accident, so I am watching and anticipating. To God be the Glory!  History tells us that every great nation has fallen from within and I am beginning to see the writing on the wall.  Still I believe we live in a great nation and I am thankful for the freedoms we still have.

I had to laugh, on the way out of the voting place there were Girl Scouts there selling cookies.  They asked if we cared to vote for our favorite Girl Scout Cookie.  Thin Mints are by far my most favorite cookie, and thankfully they haven't changed much since I was a young scout selling cookies.  So...I voted twice on November 6th, and here are my stickers to prove  it!

Last I'm going to leave you with a teaser.  While I was searching for yarn, I found this crochet thread...can you guess what I might be making with it?  I'll work something up, then you can see what it is.  How's that for a teaser to come back and check out my blog?  Haha...till next kind to one another.



Mrs. GraceWorks said...

AMEN, my friend! My thoughts on the election, exactly!!

You've been so busy with all your new fun crafts. I can't wait to see what you have in mind for the crochet thread!!

Maggee said...

Hear, hear!! Nuf said! Hugs!

Nicola said...

Its such fun to learn a new craft. Wishing you a good weekend.

Astrid's dragon said...

You have been a busy girl! Not sure about your colour problem, I think I'd need to see it first.

Your cards look great, did you get a light box or do without?

Um, I'm pretty sure I voted, but you wouldn't know it with the outcome! So glad all the ads are over, I can tolerate the early Christmas ones.

Hugs and when are we getting together?!