Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crazy Finish!

Holy Smokes!  Two posts in one week!  Can you handle the excitement?  LOL!!!  There is a lot going on BUT for once I'm not inundated with doctors appointments so I have had a little more time to stitch.  Last night, while watching Dancing with the Stars and the second Yankees vs Orioles game on the TV I finally finished "The North Wind" by Little House Needleworks!!  Yippee!!  Slowly, but surely I am finishing my crazies!  This is finish number 12.  I wish I could say I will finish at least half of my crazies before the year is up, but I have so much to do before the end of the year I doubt I'll be able to finish three more.  Wish me luck, though, won't you?

Does anyone watch DWTS?  So many talented dancers this season, it's hard for me to pick a favorite just yet.  I could watch Gilles dance all day...he's good AND he's so HANDSOME!!  And Shawn is incredible too, but I like watching Derek Hough dance...he just seems so full of joy all the time!  And then there is Helio...he's pretty smooth too.  Who is your favorite?  There are a few who I seriously wonder why they were voted back, unless they were just there to pull an audience in.  I won't mention any names, but one of them needs to stop blaming her partner for her terrible performances.  If she would listen to the judges and take their advice she might just do better.  'nuff said.  LOL

Last I have to mention the Orioles.  What a season they are having!!  We were able to snag tickets to the first game of the Post Season series against the Yankees.  They have to win three out of five to advance to the next round.  There was a two hour and forty minute rain delay so they game didn't start until 8:40.  But when it did start, there was a sea of orange in the stands, and everyone was given an orange rally towel as they entered the stadium.  As you can see, we were sitting in the rafters.  I don't mind, especially since we were under cover and inside the ballpark, that's all that mattered to me!!  

I have to admit, I love watching the ground crew uncovering the field after a rain delay.  These guys run around like crazy getting the field ready, truly amazing to watch!  

There were a few exciting moments in the game when good plays were made or there was a good hit, and they have begun playing "Camden Style", a parody of "Gangnam Style" when they make a good play.  Ben just loves this dance!  I have to giggle every time I see him.  He's so much fun!!

Unfortunately they lost, but the excitement in the air was palpable!  It was a fun game until the last inning when the Yankees pulled away.  However...last night was "Omazing" when they were able to win against the Yankees!  It's going to be a nail biter from here on in.  Their next game is in New York so they'll have their home team advantage there.  

So...that's all there is for now.  Hopefully I'll have more to show you next week.  Till then, don't forget to schedule those mammograms!!  (Hey, it's still October so just resign yourself to the fact you're going to hear about getting those puppies squished!  LOL)  *Hugs*


Shannon said...

Love your finish! :)

I watch DWTS. I love Shawn and Apolo and think one of them win. But my favorite is Maks even though Kirstie is not the best dancer. I met Maks a few years ago and he was so sweet to everyone that came out to see him.

tadamama said...

Great finish!

Veronica said...

Lovely finish. Yay for completing number 12 :D You go, girl!