Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fireworks and Vacation Bible School

Hi there!  It's been a busy time at the old homestead these days.  We had just a little over a week to enjoy DS being home from Mexico when we reentered the rat race by volunteering at VBS (vacation Bible school) at our old church.  

DS is a crew guide, with 5 kids in his group, he directs them from station to station, repeating the theme for the day as well as any Bible verses they are learning.  He's so good with the kids, I'm so very proud of him!  I'm part of the "snack crew" as well as the video lady for the opening and closing segments of the day.  I mostly click on whatever videos they are supposed to run.  Let me tell you, I'm busy the entire 5 hours I'm there!  You can tell the adults who are there to work, they are wearing the dark blue t-shirts in the pictures.  The front of the shirt says "Flight Crew" and the back of the shirts say "Everything is possible with God."  It really is more than I thought it would be, but it's also a lot of fun.  There are over 360 kids attending, and over 150 adults helping...so when they are all in the gym, there are over 500 bodies singing, dancing and repeating Bible verses and daily themes.  It's awesome to hear over 500 people shouting out "Trust God", it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!  I must say, I am totally wiped at the end of the day. 

I haven't had much time to stitch, but I was able to finish up this little beauty...Pirouette in Purple from the Sweetheart Tree.  The picture doesn't to it justice, it's hard to see the many beads and little flowers that are in this piece, but it was fun to stitch.  The frogs visited many times and I thought I would never finish.  If you consider how many times I yanked out threads and put them back in I probably stitched this at least twice!  So that makes number 9 out of my crazies that I've finished.  I probably won't finish all 31, but I'm whittling them down, one at a time.

We have been having quite high temperatures here with relatively high humidity...which was a challenge for me.  I worked a couple of days in the heat and it was difficult to say the least.  Then on the Fourth, the guys decided to attend a Bowie Baysox game (they are the farm team for the Baltimore Orioles) and we watched the fireworks from there afterward.  They always have a pretty nice show, the seats are already provided and the games are usually fun to watch.  I got a few cool shots of fireworks too!  Hope you had a very happy and safe Fourth of July!

I'm nearly finished with another crazy, so watch this space.  I'll be back to post after I finish the next one.   Till then, keep smiling!  *Hugs*


Veronica said...

VBS looks like fun :D

Oh, that is indeed a beauty. Sorry to hear the frog visited. Hope you kicked him out to the curb and he stays there!

Pretty fireworks photos.


Gillie said...

Nooooo! How come with all you do you get to No 9 on your crazies! Maybe my house is cleaner than yours? NOT!!!!!!

I think it is just I am rusting here in the rain, lol! I love the Sweetheart Tree one, the more I see of those designs the more I realise I need to stitch one!

Love you xxx