Saturday, October 1, 2011

True Strength!

Hi Everyone!!

It's the first day of October!  Guess what month this is?  If you guessed Breast Cancer Awareness month then good on you!!  Have you had your mammograms?  If you don't want to do it for yourself, think of your family and friends who would miss you should anything happen to you.  For their sake, go get those puppies squished!

If you remember last year I had a give-away.  I haven't had a chance to plan one this year, but I hope to have one later on in the month. this space!

I've had an interesting week.  So many people have posted things on facebook that have lifted my spirits that I just had to share them with you..

Someone posted on my facebook page today that they liked reading my facebook posts because they are encouraging.  I have had a tough few months struggling with relationships with a couple of people and I can't begin to tell you how much her words meant to me.  Life will beat you down if you let it, why add to someone else's struggles?  Words are powerful things, and I've learned that it's better to build people up then tear them down.  Spread a little kindness when you can.  Life is too short!!

I've been getting a little bit of stitching done.  First is my UFO that I worked on this week.  This was a mystery sampler from Weihenburg offered a couple of years ago called the spot sampler.  I'm nearing the bottom...with any luck I'll finish this one before the end of the year!
I've started another SAL.  I me crazy!!  LOL  This one is called The Great Escape and is being offered on the Stitch Specialists yahoo group.  So far we've learned three new stitches.  See if you can guess what they are.  This is being stitched on 32 ct. Doubloon and I'm using the thread gatherers silk n colors Vintage Browns.

It's just a quick post today, so much is going on.  I'm going to see the movie Courageous with my guys today, and then help hubby pack, he's going on a buisness trip for the next two weeks.  I don't know what this will be like, he's my right AND left hand man.  I don't know if I'll be busy while he's gone or not, but I do know it's going to be a challenge without his help.  Wish me luck!  He's not going anywhere near as exciting as Gillie's WT, but hopefully he won't be snowed in in Nebraska....LOL!!!  His last trip was to Hawaii, and we had snow while he was gone.  Now it's his turn to be snowed upon.  LOL

Off to spend my Saturday with my guys.  Hope you've had a great day and remember to get those mammograms!  *Hugs*


Nancy said...

Your UFO is gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend!

Gillie said...

Had my mammogram a couple of weeks ago! Will be thinking of you while M is gone. The WT as we speak is sitting on the sofa playing solitaire on his iPad, lol! I do like that spot sampler, love the colours.

Gillie said...

Whoops, me again, I love Vintage Brown, I am using it in the iStitch SAL.

Mouse said...

ooooo love your stitching ... too young to get one of those done yet .... not got to that age heheheh .. hope m has a great trip and you will be fine honest :) love mouse xxx

Connie said...

I'm also participating in the Stitch Specialists yahoo group, so I know what the stitches are called - but I've not seen the "B" one stitched up. Nice to know how it looks IRL! I haven't started my Great Escape yet because I'm working on painting my fabric - my first attempt at this, so wish me luck.

I know you'll miss your DH, but I predict that you'll manage to fill in the hours with a looooot more stitching than you thought possible!

Astrid's dragon said...

More goodies for DJ to stitch! One of these days I'll join you so we can do it together!

How was the movie? I think I'll end up seeing that on my own, not sure my boys would be interested - or do you think they would? What did Ben think of it?

Veronica said...

Words are indeed a powerful thing. I still love the colours of spot sampler. So bright and cheerful. What floss did you pick for TGE? It's interesting.

Denise SA said...

I wish you luck in getting the spot sampler finished it beautiful