Monday, July 25, 2011

Here today...gone tomorrow...

Hi there blogging buddies!

If you wondered where I've been, my brain is back in Virginia, sitting near this tree, looking out at this my dreams...wishing I were back there in the cool mountain air!! LOL

I know it's been ages since I've posted in any yahoo groups, since I posted much about stitching, since I've done any stitching at all. This summer is going by waaaaaaay too fast, and is still promising to be even busier. My friends that live nearby are probably wondering where in the world I've been, and the answer would be....traveling to and from medical appointments and spending time with doctors, dentists, and physical therapists. *sigh* I'm sure you're as tired of hearing about it as I am doing it, but I'm nearly there. I had a very good experience today when I switched Gastroenterologists and had an appointment with one today who was kind, compassionate, explained in detail all that the recent tests were showing, and what my Dad had experienced and why I shouldn't be worried. They still can't understand why I'm anemic, but because they can't find anything drastically wrong, I can relax and just treat the symptoms for now. I'm cool with that! He also explained why I'm feeling exhausted and again, it's nothing to worry about, this too shall pass! How do you spell relief? I spell it D-R-H-E-R-L-O-N-G!! I learned today that he is a teaching Dr at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and that I was lucky indeed to get an appointment with him. That was two appointments today, three to go this week!

Did I happen to mention it's HOT here? I remember a line in a movie..."It's Africa hot!" With temperatures being broken as the highest temperatures here in Maryland since they began recording temperatures!! The hottest day so far has been 108 F and with the humidity it feels like 123 F. For those of you who use metric...THAT'S HOT!! That means it was 42 C but felt like 50 C!!! I'm so thankful for air conditioning!

Ok, now for fun stuff! STITCHING!! And for the past couple of days, I've been doing a lot of it!! FINALLY!! I've wanted desperately to get back into it but just haven't had time. Anyway...on with the show!

I finally caught up on several SAL's I've been working on.

Sampler Romantique from parts 9 and 14! According to the designer we are now half way through the project. I've seen some really lovely interpretations using other colors and fabric, so mine seems pale in comparison, but I do love the way it's coming out!

Owl sampler from Oakhaven designs yahoo group...I love the little July patriotic!

Star Sampler from is coming along nicely too...this has been a quick stitch which I've enjoyed!

The Tree of Stitches going on at The Stitch Specialists yahoo group has been a fun one also. I love learning the new stitches, and we are nearing the end now, there are just two forest creatures left to stitch!

Friendly Stitchers yahoo group is also offering a SAL with unique stitches that have been fun to learn also. I've just been doing the stitches, but others have been adding the name of the stitches below them...and now I wish I had done that too. I have been thinking I might restart this in the future and do just that...I'll have to think how I would like to present this one...but here is my attempt at the new stitches.

I started a new SAL a little while ago...I know, call me crazy, but this one intrigued me, and since I've seen others choose different color thread and fabric, I thought I would give it a try. This SAL is called Guimauve et Violette and can be found on this website I've switched up the colors and this is not a good picture, but I thought I'd show you how mine is shaping up....again...I'm not sure about the colors.

I did some stitching on my UFO last week, and hope with all my might, that I can keep stitching on it once a week (the next couple of weeks are going to be insane, so I hope I can keep it up!!) It would be awesome to finish this up before the year is's been a challenging piece!

When I finally finished catching up on all my SAL's I started stitching on one of my crazy January challenge pieces. I have only three left, Cirque des Carreaux, pictured below, Tree of Stitches and Sampler Romantique, both pictured above. Since the other two are SAL's I'm at the mercy of the designers, but the Tree of Stitches should be done soon. That will leave two, so I'm feeling hopeful that I'll be able to finish before the year is out. Whew!! I can't wait, because there are quite a few other pieces I'm dying to start....

I also stitched on a biscornu, which I'm also dying to post pictures here because I think it turned out neat...I'll have to wait until I hear from my partner to see if she's received it before I post the picture.

And that, as they say, is that! The next couple of weeks appear to be eaten alive with things going on, so if you don't hear from me for a while, don't panic, I'll be back before long! Thanks for stopping in, and if you have stopped by, please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!



Tricia said...

Wonderful stitching, DJ! I'm so glad that the Lord led you to a good doctor. I'm sure that is such a relief and a blessing!

Gabi said...

Glad you found a good doctor. That can make such a difference.
I love all your stitching. Each of your samplers is just gorgeous.

Mouse said...

wooo hoo great news :) and fab stitching as always .. you seem to have done wayyyyy loads more than me .. take a deep breath and chill as "this soon too will pass" heheh good quote there :) on all these appointments ... am stalking the postie again heheheh ;) love mouse xxxx

socialsue said...

Wow !! Lots of SALs! Love your "Tree of Stitches". I hope you feel better soon!

Nancy said...

So glad you found a good doctor, it's nice to have one that listens to you and explains things to you. Doctors like that are heaven sent!

Lovely stitching on all your SAL and WIP!

Babs in Alabama said...

Hi DJ! this will be the 4th time I've tried to comment on your post. Was going to give up...but. Wanted you to know I'd love to be sitting there with you in that first pic :) Love all your progress pics, but LOVE those little owls; any chance we can still get them? So happy about the new doctor (PTL), but sorry there's still so much for you to go through. Love your posts always!

Astrid's dragon said...

I love your Sampler Romantique, the colours are beautiful!
I went to the Stitching Post today all by my lonesome, I missed you!

Kate said...

Great stitching on your SALs. I love the colours in the Tree of Stitches. I hope the new dr helps.

Gillie said...

Gorgeous stitching as usual. I seem to have been in a bit of a dream world so far this summer and have been a dreadful correspondent! So glad to hear of the new doctor. Hugs xx