Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer has officially begun...

Good Morning Folks!

I have to begin by telling you I got such a surprise in the mail Monday! Gillie and I were paired for an exchange in the spring. We sent each other pin cushions. I'm not sure why, but Gillie decided to make another pin cushion for me and sent it along with some threads and some books! Thank you, Gillie, I loved everything!! I especially love how you changed the colors of the letters of my initials in the alphabet...great idea! It's in pride of place in my china cabinet next to the other one you made. The first book (not pictured here) was "84, Charring Cross Road" which I finished reading yesterday. LOL I couldn't put it down, and though I haven't heard why she chose those particular books to send, I found it interesting that this one was about an American writer who wrote letters to an English bookseller and the progression of their friendship for 20 years! I love writing and receiving letters (though I wasn't very good about it through this past year), and I do have a British pen pal, so the parallels I found there were striking to me! Thanks again, Gillie, you really brightened my day!

Yesterday was the last day of school for my son, so today is going to be an interesting day. From the time he was first in pre-school, summer vacation always began with "I'm bored!" The silly thing is...SO AM I! To be perfectly honest, I really miss working. But this gives me incentive to find things to keep us entertained...and I am coming up with some unusual ideas...

My son's birthday is fast approaching, and oddly enough he's been saving his money for a new Nintendo DS, 3D. I think he thought we were going to get it for him for his birthday, but we kept insisting that we were NOT!! Then he got a card from his Grandmother with just enough money to put him over the top...thanks Grandma! LOL So...yesterday he took all his money (and it was a big wad of 1's, 5's, and some 20's thrown in) and we took him to the store to get it. His groan of agony could be heard three states away when he realized he would have to charge it for 3 1/2 hours before he could begin playing! LOL I can't wait for his actual birthday because we have a really BIG surprise for him, and I KNOW he's going to be even more excited than getting this 3D game. At least the game will keep him from being bored for a while anyway.

I knew my son would complain that he was bored this summer, so...I found a Bible study on the internet that I thought we could do together. It is laid out so that you answer a few questions each day for 5 days during the week. I thought we could fit in 5 "lessons" during the week, giving ourselves the weekend break. We started Monday. I showed him how I study, using a study Bible with the notes at the bottom of each page, and a book that talks about the customs and manners of the Bible. I also have a few commentaries, but I didn't want to "scare" him off right away. They only take about 30 minutes, and sometimes longer if we are sharing about something, but the first day I could see something in his eyes that I had never seen before. We talked about Zechariah and Elizabeth (John the Baptist's parents), and I relayed other stories about them that wasn't in the lesson. I guess he didn't realize that I had been studying the Bible for years...I still have so much more to learn, but I guess I know more than he thought I did...LOL Don't you love those "ah ha" moments with your child? Anyway, after yesterday's lesson, he seemed disappointed when we were finished...he actually wanted more! I'm so excited to be having these studies with him! I've never felt closer to him, and I think he feels the same way. The interesting thing is, we are both learning things we never knew before and we are both excited about our "discoveries"!

I stopped by the store yesterday to get something framed. The minute I walked in the door I was swamped! LOL There were two people working, but more than enough customers to go around. I think I annoyed one employee by casually giving my opinion about frames and mat colors and I instantly had the customer's attention. In case you haven't noticed, I like to talk, and tell stories, and customers usually like to talk about their art or whatever they bring in, so if you start a conversation about their prized possession that they are getting framed, it immediately makes them your friend. I don't do it on purpose (which is why they keep talking, they can feel the conversation is genuine) but they instantly feel a connection, and from there the fun begins. I love playing around with mat choices and frames until we find the perfect match. Just about that time, the boss knocked on the back door, so I went to open the door. He was surprised to see me, and asked if I could fill in a few hours here and there whenever I was ready. I told him I had a busy summer planned but thought I might be able to. He mentioned weekends...but for now (and he doesn't know this) I want to spend them with my guys. After he left, I ended up helping a few of the customers there, then a customer came in who had asked to have their framing done for today. When we looked for it, it wasn't done, but was a simple..."pop in" meaning the frame was ready, I just needed to pop it in the frame...which, because the other two were so busy, I asked her to give me a few minutes and I got it ready for her. Three hours later, I escaped with my wits in tact (I think) but so ready for a nap. I didn't realize how weak I still am, and rushing around for 3 hours straight was exhausting for me! Still, it was fun to dip my hand back into working (and I WILL get paid for those hours, the boss e-mailed me last night and said he had signed me in for those hours...wasn't that sweet?)

Well, with all that has been going on I haven't had much time to stitch, but I do have a couple of pictures to show you. The first is the Sampler Romantique. I haven't finished this month's installment, but I would say I'm probably halfway there.

The second is my Cirque des Carreaux from Ink Circles. I can honestly say that I have finished the first of six pages! YAY! This is done over one, and I'm praying I don't make a mistake. I've had a few near misses and let's say, frogging something over one is more than a challenge! It's worthy of throwing a piece across the room in frustration! LOL

Last, but not least, I just wanted to say...I've been going to the gym at least three times a week (this is my third week!) and though I'm a bit achy, I do have that rush of endorphins after each trip. It's been very hot here lately (though the past two days have been cooler) and we have been breaking all kinds of records, but thanks to the encouragement of my husband, we've still been going. I'm not walking as fast or as long on the treadmill as I would like, but at least I'm going. Wish me luck, as I really need to start building up my strength...I can't live in the pit forever! LOL That's partially why you haven't heard much from me and I haven't been stitching as is on fast forward again! We also have a lot of things planned for the summer, but I'll let you know about those as time goes on.

And THAT, as they THAT. I hope you have a great day! *Hugs*


Nancy said...

So nice that you and your son are studying the Bible together! That's a bond that will stay connected forever! Love your WIP! Glad you are sticking to the gym time and getting your strength back! Remember slow and study win the race!

Mouse said...

ooooo lovely updates on the stitching :) glad you like the new pin cushion ..... I was going to do the same one for you but she beat me to it ...(I had a sneak peek ages ago glad you are enjoying your studies and don't over do it at the gym remember the tortoise won the race take care love mouse xxxxx

Maggee said...

So much to comment on... where do I begin? I love the Guernsey Literary book!! I listened to it, and it is excellent!! And I have seen 84 Charring Cross Road many times--again, excellent! What a great gift-y from Gillie! The daily time of Bible Study with your son is going to be great! I ALWAYS learn something new when I get into the Bible. I have been following your progress on the Romantique Sampler, and love it! I found out about it too late to join, so am living vicariously through you. And Cirque is fantasitc! You are coming along on those projects just fine. Don't ever do things and get too tired. I am going through a bunch of medical stuff and cannot stress the importance of rest! Hugs to you!

Carolyn said...
I think you should look into this--it would be great for you to have all these insightful blogs saved! A friend did it and said it wasn't expensive.Look forward to your health progress and your needlework progress. Carolyn

Gabi said...

Great exchange. Your stitching is just lovely. Love both of your pieces and also the colors.
Great that the bible lessons with your son are so pleasant.

Tricia said...

It was so nice to read your update, DJ! What a treat to be studying the Bible with your son. A fantastic way to spend your summer!!!! I didn't realize you'd worked at a framing shop. That would be a fun job - it's no wonder you miss it!

Babs in Alabama said...

Hi DJ! I LOVE your posts! I know it felt good to do some framing and interaction with customers again, and I know it must feel great to go to gym, but please don't over's easy to do that and you've come so far.
Love the stitching and the gift from Gilly who beat Mouse to it :) It's great to have friends, isn't it? I think I'll just write you a letter about my son and our Bible studies together, but will say your son will never ever forget those study moments with him.
love, babs