Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Missing in action...

Hi there! Have you missed me? I sure have missed blogging, but so much has been going on, I'm not even sure if I'll remember everything to mention here.

It seems like forever since I've updated my blog...or stitched for that matter. As soon as school was finished for the summer, it became a madhouse here! There is so much to do this summer and I'm beginning to realize my limitations, much to my dismay, that some days I just feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

I promised DS that if he helped me spring clean (he's learning the difference between cleaning and SPRING CLEANING...LOL) that I would spend as many hours with him driving as he would with me cleaning. He's been a trooper!! I'm totally amazed!! So I've been hoeing and cleaning, and he's cleaned out his game cabinet, even took some older games in for trade-ins and got a new game! I cleaned out my freebie pattern files, got some new binders to sort them out. There is still a lot to do, but I've slowed down since DS left for tennis camp yesterday. I finally got some stitching in! This week is a crazy doctor appointment week (I have five appointments in three days!) so I've decided spring cleaning will have to wait and I need some stitching time. That is hard to come by when DS is home.

We've had ball games to attend...even got this free bobble head one night.

Showalter is their manager and beloved by everyone! I had to laugh...quietly on the way to the game, DS said, "With this bobblehead I'll have an entire team including manager and mascot!" LOL He does have quite a collection, and he has a player from each position except pitcher. There are 9 players on a team, he has 11 bobble heads.

Our garden is blooming in stages. At this time there is a lily in the front yard blooming.

I love the color of this. DS had a fund raiser at his school a couple of years ago. This came home looking neglected and bedraggled. It's really blossomed this summer, more so than any other time! While I was taking it's picture, I found there were berries starting to appear in the holly...

This little garden fairy was left behind by the previous tenants so I thought I'd put her picture here. The little girl next door is fascinated with her...LOL

Last, but not least, is my pathetic attempts lately at stitching. It took forever for me to finish the current parts of Sampler Romantique. I do love this piece, just stitching such large pieces under a deadline is frustrating. I would much rather be stitching on one of my challenges, or the PIF for Astrid I should be stitching. With everything else I want to stitch, this just seems to bog me down. *sigh* Oh well, I have a few days now before the next installment comes out, hopefully I'll find time to stitch on something different for a little while.

I did make time to stitch on my UFO. I didn't find much time, but wanted to put a few stitches in so I wouldn't draw the wet noodler's attention. *waving madly to Mouse* I tease Mouse, but honestly, I'm glad we have those UFO days as my UFO pile is beginning to dwindle. It is a great way to encourage us to get those projects that have slipped to the back corner dusted off and finished! I have my next project picked out, but the way I'm going, it will be a while before I finish off this little beauty.

I have to mention briefly that DH is planning on taking me on a brief vacation. All I know is that we'll only be gone a couple of days. I'm not going to post the dates, and I don't even know where I'm going, but I'll take pictures. All I know is that it will take three hours by car to get there. In this area, that could mean an incredible number of places. He's been holding this over my head for ages, even thought I should post it on my blog and ask for suggestions where it might be. So, if you have an idea where he's taking me, leave a little comment, and I'll bring back a souvenir for the first person who gets it right. I told my friend Alice back a few months, and she keeps asking me if I know where I'm going yet. I think she's more curious than I am! LOL Just so you have a reference, I live half way between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. Good luck guessing, I've been mentioning a few places and I haven't figured it out yet! Even DS doesn't know (that way he can't spill the beans!) Isn't DH sweet to do this for me? Hopefully I'll like where I'm going. The last time he did this we went to Maine and had a GREAT time!

Ok, time for me to get ready for my next appointment. I thought things would slow down once summer vacation started, but noooooooo...I must have been terribly wicked somewhere along the way, for you know what they say... "There is no rest for the wicked." TTFN!


Gabi said...

How cute is that of your husband. A surprise vacation. So lovely.
Even lovely is how your son is helping you cleaning. He seems to be such a good kid. Hopefully he will have a fantastic time at tennis camp.
Love your stitching too :)

Kathy said...

Wow. And I thought I have been busy. LOL I'm tired just reading your post. :) I too have been doing very little (and I stress the little!) stitching. Between dog shows, work, and a weeks beach vaction stitching time has been precious little. :( Soon I hope the mojo will bounce back.
As for where your DH might be taking you? You are so right. The possiblities are just endless. But I'll take a wild far out guess and say dinner and a show in the greatest city--New York!! Three hours is about right for that trip. :) If you are in NYC on a weekday do let me know. I work in NYC. :)

Mouse said...

Hellooo "waving madly back at ya " think my life is coming out in sympathy with the busyness .lol I have got two hospital apps on Friday !!! well done on catching up the the Romantique sal I am almost there ... love those Lily's :) and the little fairy ....ooooo will consult the orricle as to where you may be going (google!!!!) oooo just done it and It can't tell me sooo going for a wild guess quebec or florida ... ??? that should fit a lot in between heheheh letter should be on its way in a few days :) love mouse xxxxx

Veronica said...

Hi DJ, Thanx for visiting my blog. You're very welcome on the freebies :) If and when you stitch them, I'd LOVE to see a picture. Oh, I so wish I could give you some freebie time. Unfortunately, I'm a little short on that as well :( Would you be willing to share if you had extra? :P

Tricia said...

Fantastic idea to trade time with your son!!! I'm sure it is a good motivator! I wonder where you'll get to go. Hmmm.... Niagara Falls? Some wonderful cross stitch cruise???? :-) A special baseball game? Wherever it is I hope you have a restful time and are just able to enjoy each other. Your stitching looks wonderful! You are such an inspiration!!!