Friday, May 13, 2011

Traveling stash is traveling again!

Hi Everyone!

It's funny how you go through your life, your blog gets very little interest or so it seems...and then you get a phone call from a friend who is concerned because you didn't update your blog. I have to chuckle sometimes because I often wonder if anyone reads my posts. I had someone mention in a yahoo group that I belong to that they had better hide their Lighthouse Sampler from By the Bay Needleart that they had just finished from me because I liked lighthouses...and yet...I've been working on mine since January and have a picture of the finished piece in a post just two weeks ago. Sometimes I think people are tired of hearing my medical saga, so perhaps have stopped reading, and then I have people asking me where I am in my treatment and what is going on with me. I like to think people read my blog because sometimes I have something humorous to say...but lately that hasn't been happening as much. So...why do I keep blogging? Hm...I don't know...sometimes I think it's cathartic, and therapeutic and it DOES keep me off the streets, gives my eyes a break from stitching, and irritates my teenager (and isn't that a Mother's job anyway?) LOL So, until I really DON'T want to write anymore, you'll still find me blogging away, when I can. BUT...if you don't see me, don't panic...I just may not have anything worthwhile to say! friend, Sonya, was wondering where I've been. Well...between medical appointments, family time, and resting, I spent part of a day stitching with Astrid! *waving madly to Astrid* We don't see each other nearly enough, and let me tell you what Astrid has done... she read that I got a Keurig coffee maker for Mother's day and showed up with a box full of various K-cups for me to try. I've been picking out something new each day to try and have really enjoyed the different tastes that are available. I could REALLY become addicted to coffee this way!! Thanks again, Astrid, we are enjoying your treat very much and I enjoyed the gab fest even more! I worked on this Crazy January Challenge piece that day and am finished with the cross stitching, only the outlining is left. I left off part of the pattern, it just wasn't thrilling me, the name and the border, so just left the "innards" and should be able to finish in a few days. I think it will be a birthday gift for my Mom (who never reads my blog so I'm safe!) if I can finish it, frame it, and get it sent to Northern NY in time for her birthday next month. Wish me luck!!

I was going to stitch on my UFO on Thursday, but I ran into a few snags. I had to be out and about early that day as I had to have a sonogram of another lump they found under my arm. Fortunately it turned out to be nothing! Then I did a little shopping for new undergarments...let's just say that was an exercise in futility, as I don't think they make them the size I am now...*sigh* Then the guys decided they wanted to go to the ballgame last night and convinced me I should go to. It was the perfect night for a game, the temperature was cool, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the Orioles one, which swept that series! Unfortunately it was a LONG game, as there were no runs until the 13th inning...yep you read that right...13th inning. I was beginning to wonder if the game would end the same day it started! LOL It turned out to be quite an exciting game! Needless to say, there wasn't a spare moment to stitch

I made up for it today! I've been working on this UFO that I started quite some time ago! It can be found on this website but I must say I'm having great difficulties with this pattern. Somewhere along the way, the designer has confused me. The pattern has become quite a challenge for me to follow. Ok...I can hear you now...YES I'm cross-stitchingly challenged...LOL I've had to fudge this pattern more than once, I'm nearly ready to toss it out the window. If I didn't love the colors, the fabric and the overall look of the thing, I would have tossed it by now. I'm nearly finished now though, and actually it has taught me that I DON'T have to be picture perfect, as long as it pleases my eye (and it's not a gift) then who cares? Just finish the darned thing and get it hung on a wall!! I think that will happen in the very near future as I'm getting quite close to the end now!

I also took a minute to stitch up the 9th part of the Tree of Stitches offered in the Stitch Specialists yahoo group. If you click on the closeup picture, you will get a bigger picture and therefore a better look at some of the specialty stitches. I love working on this, it's been so much fun learning the different stitches.

I was able to run to the post office today and mail the traveling stash. It's on the way Lynn, so be on the lookout, they told me it should be there early next week! Mouse, there's a letter in the mail for you too!

Lastly, just a little medical update...they found that my iron stores are still very low so I will be receiving an iron IV infusion next week...Monday and Friday. Hopefully that will give me a little more energy. Part of me is a wee bit worried, but the other part of me is hoping it will work wonders as I can barely put one foot in front of the other lately. The Gastro enterologist is concerned now and has ordered two more tests to find out why I'm "losing" iron. This means, more appointments, more doctors to see, and if this keeps up I'll be glowing in the dark again! *sigh* On a more humorous note, my hair is growing in very curly. I've had straight hair all my life, and I have no idea what to do with this kinky curly hair! I have "bed head" all day now, even after I've washed my hair and tried to tame the curls. *giggle* I USED to wish for wavy I just want my straight hair back!! Hopefully when it grows out a bit more, the weight of it will pull it a bit straighter.

Ok, off to take a nap, it was another eventful day and I'm beat. See you again soon! *Hugs*


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Lol. Im the same,wondering if anyone reads my blog, espeically with stitching around dealing with 3 little ones, I dont get progress pics up as often as I would like but I just keep plodding along and hope someone likes the little I have to say :)

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I don't always comment but do enjoy reading and seeing what everyone is doing with their life and stitching.

Gillie said...

Sorry, that was me wasn't it? Mind in 27 places as usual and not paying attention, sorry, DJ!

Mouse said...

HI DJ :) oooo humming bird looks lovely :) been for nosey on that link and the bottom right page is missing isn't it ahhh well you doing a grand job of it :)enjoy your weekend off and hoping my letter comes today ???? love mouse xxxx

And This Little Pig said...

DJ, of course we read you blog!!! Love to look at your beautiful stitching, and learn more about you and your family.

As for being "Cross Stitched Challenged" don't believe it! Maybe you should have stitched it over 1 :D

LiBBiE in Oz

carolm said...

If you can drink wine after dinner ; red wine is known to help with iron... Dont ask me why, I just know a few people who have done this and their iron stores finally built up. sincerely Carol M One wine glass only!

Jo said...

Love your hummingbird the colours are so vibrant. I have trouble keeping iron as well but they know what causes mine, hope they find your cause soon. Take care of yourself lots and let the others run around after you.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I love all of your pieces, but the hummingbird is my favorite. Good job.

Cindy in MA said...

Hi DJ,
I don't always comment but I love reading your blog. I wish I had your gift for writing.Your blog is always fun & full of news. I will be one who is concerned of you aren't blogging. Keep your chin up I'm sure the iron thing will be resolved & you will have more energy than you know what to do with.

blueladie said...

Sending hugs & prayers and yes we read and care, even if sometimes WE don't comment. :) Your stitching is lovely. I think your mom will LOVE the gift. Take care. Cathryn

Nancy in IL said...

DJ, I love reading your blog! And you're not cross stitch challenged. I am though, and I can no longer count! I've frogged so much lately, I think I must have missed a basic class in grade school. All you projects are just beautiful - OMG, the hummingbird and the antique sampler - love 'em! But because we're both at Stitch Specialists, I have my eye on your Tree of Stitches which I recently got a start on. I love yours! Keep up the great work, DJ! On the health front too; prayers for you.

I, too, struggle with curly hair!

Astrid's dragon said...

I love reading your blog and it looks like other do too, don't you dare stop!

So how did your infusion go today? I like Carol's suggestion of wine every evening - worth a try!

So, how's the coffee tasting? Did you find your favorite yet? I also love having chocolate/orange, but have never been able to find it in a cup so I have to make my own.

Looking forward to next week! ; )