Monday, February 7, 2011

Stitch Along With Babs!

Good Evening! I'm beginning to expect Mondays to be unusual...LOL Hope you are having a great Monday!

My DH woke up with a headache today...he's been having a lot of those decided to stay home from work. He slept late (could it be because we were out late collecting DS from a Super Bowl party?) and felt better when he woke up...just in time for lunch. LOL I was looking forward to a day to myself (it was a busy weekend!) so it's always a little disconcerting to have someone underfoot...but he was a good "Do Bee" today and actually vacuumed part of the house for me (before he had to take the vacuum apart and "fix" it...I'm looking for a reliable repair shop as I type! LOL). Yes, I'm a very spoiled wife! Vacuuming has been a challenge for me since the operation...and to think he actually did it without me asking!! Yes he has brothers, but I got the best one of the bunch!! LOL

Before DH woke up this morning I remembered it was Stitch Along with Babs day, so got out my Heart of America and began stitching. I got a couple of hours in before DH got the cleaning bug and then I helped him a bit. So here's my progress so far. I was hoping to finish the "block" I was working on, but that will have to wait until next Monday.

I fit a little stitching in here and there this weekend. I was hoping to update my blog last night, but one thing led to another with the Super Bowl party my son was invited to (and he told us at the last minute he had to bring you know how crowded grocery stores were an hour before the game? That was NUTS!!) and the fact that we had to drive 30 minutes to get him there. BUT!! There was also a sale at my LNS so we stopped there since we were in the neighborhood and I picked up a few things. DH and I had a leisurely dinner at Carrabas then walked around Michaels, then came home to watch Freaky Friday before heading back to pick up DS around 10:00 PM. I know a lot of people like to watch the game, but I'd rather have a Super Bowl of popcorn and watch a good movie! LOL

Here are a few other projects I was able to put a few stitches in this past week. First, the Lighthouse Sampler from By the Bay Needleworks...

The February pattern from Friendly Stitchers SAL was available so I stitched that up quick...

The February pattern from Oakhaven Designs SAL was also available, so I finished that part up....

And last, but not least...Mending by Erica Michaels...I stitched on this while watching "The Bucket List". I can't wait to finish this piece...I am having so much fun stitching it!!

Tomorrow I am headed out early for Therapeutic Art class...I attempted this last week, but with the ice I decided I would stay put. I'm a little disconcerted about this class. I can't draw a straight line (I was told by an artist that you don't need straight lines in artwork!!) and I have no don't know how well I'll do, but I'll be with a couple of my "Sista Warriors" so it won't be wasted time! Wish me luck, and if it actually looks like something, I'll be sure to take pictures! *wink* DON'T hold your breath! LOL

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