Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Mad, Mad Dash...

Here I am again friends!

Yes, I made a mad, mad dash to my LNS today. Why? Why, they were having a sale of course! I can't resist a good sale!! Can you? But...when I got there, I realized my mad, mad dash was a day too early. Yes, they were having a sale today, but the BIG sale is TOMORROW!! How could I have missed the BIG SALE?? Oh well, my fingers were itching, my list was made, and I wasn't going to drive 30 minutes back home, only to drive 60 minutes there and back tomorrow. Besides, everything I wanted might not be there tomorrow. So..... wanna see what I got?

Well, first let me explain. I belong to a yahoo group that is having a SAL beginning in January. So....I needed thread AND why not get them on sale? I waited patiently for Christmas to be over, and then I made my move!! I looked over all the threads and finally picked one that I really LOVED the colors of (Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors Autumn Leaves)...and then asked my friend Sonya to give me a hand. Between the two of us we picked this 32 ct. cream linen. Now I can't wait to get started!!

I've been looking at sites that are having sales...and I fell in love with Snowflake Serenade by Country Cottage Needleworks. They suggested 28 Ct. Lambswool Linen and I liked the way the colors looked on it...however, I like mine I got 32 Ct. and I'll work the stitches over one linen thread. I think it's going to be adorable!!

I also fell in love with the Winter Band Sampler by Little House Needleworks. They were out of the suggested fabric, but I laid the colors out on 32 ct Summer Khaki Belfast and thought it would work up nicely. I'll also work that over one thread. *grinning* I can't wait to get started on these too!!

I've been watching the ladies in the Little House / Country Cottage Needleworks yahoo group talking about starting 15 projects in the first 15 days of the year and hoping to finish them by the end of the year. Such pressure! They must be nuts!! But it must be rubbing off, because I've been thinking about it...and in the next few days (I had better hurry!!) I think I'll be sorting out 15 projects to see if I can finish them in the new year. I already have these three kitted up, and I'm sure I have at least 12 more sitting around here somewhere. I think I need my head examined...LOL Wish me luck folks! If nothing else, you'll find me sitting in the middle of a pile of stash, plucking my lower lip, babbling like a lunatic...I'm sure there are other stitchers out there in the same state! LOL

And now a bit of sad may be wondering what happened to the mouse I was in a panic about a few posts ago. Well, I'm afraid to say that Thomas, the mighty hunter, finally quit playing with his little friend. The morning after that post was made I heard a few bass toned shrieks coming from the living room while the guys were getting ready to leave for the day. Thomas was now trying to lay his treasure at DS's feet, and he would run toward DS with the mouse in his mouth, then drop it and it would skitter away. I thought DS would have a heart attack! Again the wee little mousie got away. Later that morning I came downstairs to find Thomas staring under the microwave cart, tail flicking. I was on my way out to meet a "sista warrior" (another lady I know battling breast cancer) and I was glad for the excuse to run for the door before Thomas had a chance to proudly introduce his little playmate! When I returned a few hours later, though, the remains of Thomas' playmate was lying just inside the front door. Thomas sat grinning like the "cat that ate the canary" so I patted him and made cooing noises over him so that he would continue to save us from the little beasties that try to make OUR home theirs! All the while I was dying inside knowing I would have to dispose of the little carcass myself because my guys weren't due home for hours. UGH!! Thankfully though, I don't have to share my seat with my feet anymore! LOL

Off to do a quick search of my stash and see what I would like to finish this year. Oh, the decisions that will have to be made ... but what relief that I'll actually be whittling down my stash...that should make DH happy! 2011 stitchy I come!


Kathy said...

Awwwwwww poor mousie. :) LOL Good kitty for helping make your house safe again. :)

Now about that sale. My LNS has hers on New Years Day. I can't wait. Especially since I got two gifts of cash with a note that told me NOT to use it to pay a bill. :) Making my lsi and checking it twice. Oh wait that's another song. (LOL Thank you so much for the comment on my blog.)

Now about that 15 projects......... I joined the one about the 15 wips. I am positive I'll start a number of new things but I have tons of ufos and wips sitting around that I thought that one would be the one to join.

Good luck with yours. Can't wait to see your list. I hope to have mine ready by New Years day.

Abi said...

Poor wee timorous beastie . . but at least Thomas did his job eventually! And what gorgeous threads/fabric you've chosen for the SAL, it's going to look stunning!