Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Murphy's Law

Did I ever mention that my maiden name was Murphy? And that when they wrote Murphy's Law they were writing about me? I know that sounds very vain and egocentric, but I honestly believe it's true! LOL

For instance... I mentioned over a week ago that they wanted to do biopsies within a week. Weeeelllll.... that didn't happen. Why, you ask? Because for a Murphy, nothing is easy! LOL My primary care physician (PCP) (whom I respect and would do ANYTHING she told me to do) decided she wanted me to see a different agency to have the biopsies performed. So for two days I did nothing but run paperwork around. I had to wait 48 hours to get all the film and reports from the one agency, then drive to another agency over an hour away only to find that I had the wrong referral. When I tried to call my PCP, my cell phone died. I had to drive all the way back and then they told me they couldn't fill out the referral like the other agency wanted. I finally got it sorted out and had to wait 4 days for them to call back with an appointment. When they did, they were scheduling me for something completely opposite that the other agency wanted to perform. Back to my PCP for assistance, but again I had to wait 5 days this time for them to fax reports and then follow-up on their faxes. I finally threw my hands in the air and decided to just wait until my appointment and sort it all out then. The appointment for the biopsies is now March 29th. I'll be having three done, two in one "sister" and one in the other. Wish me luck (although prayers would be better I'm thinking!).

In the meanwhile, other issues are happening. I haven't been sleeping which in turn leads to some very dizzy days. Now when you work in a frame shop, you work with machines with very sharp fixtures. A mat cutter, an electric saw to cut moulding, glass cutters not to mention handling glass. Dizziness and these "dangers" are NOT a good combination. So far I haven't hurt myself, but it's always a concern. With a co-worker on her honeymoon and another dealing with family issues, I'm working over-time. Not sleeping, working overtime, and dizziness does not a happy framer make... LOL!! I'm beginning to wish I had been adopted... There goes the Murphy curse again.

The only good thing that has happened, is that some dear folk have nominated my blog for two different awards. I'm deeply honored and touched that I've been chosen. There are some details to take care of in order to receive these awards and I will take care of them as soon as I get a chance.

I have some pictures to post as soon as I get a chance. I finished framing the Camelot Sampler for my Co-Worker's wedding (they absolutely loved it by the way!) and have pictures to share when I get a chance. I'll show a picture of my dress (though I'm cringing as I type this because let's just say, the style of the dress was a little revealing for me but I know some of you have asked to see it) I just have to find my camera which is MIA at the time of this posting.

So, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth just yet, I haven't been stitching (with the wedding and working overtime, and the dizziness I just haven't had the heart to pick up a needle), I haven't been posting in any of the groups I'm in, and posting on the blog seemed pointless since I didn't have anything new to report or any pictures to post. So....I guess I just wanted to say I'm still alive and kicking in case you were wondering. I'll be back with a vengeance as soon as I get my health sorted out. Till then, take care and super tight *Hugs* to all of you.


Kathy said...

Oh dear. Aren't doctors fun? NOT.

I sure hope the Murphy curse takes wings and flys the coop soon. Preferably before the biopsies. But I will be thinking of you and praying that all goes well.

In the meanwhile try taking an over the counter sleep aid and get some rest. Pick up your needle and just veg for an hour.

Can't wait to see all the photos when you get to post them. No rush. Just take care and good luck next week.

Mylene said...

Sending good thoughts your way and hope everything goes well for you. Take care.