Sunday, January 10, 2010

How cold is it?

How cold is it? Let me give you a little clue. We aren't as cold as the a kiss won't freeze you to your partner, but as a coworker said the other's so cold I have snotsicles! Sorry for the imagery. LOL

My crazy cat Thomas can give you a clue...there are two cats in the neighborhood who seem to spend an awful lot of time on our back porch. I find the two of them curled up against our sliding glass door quite often (a sign that we have a "heat leak" if you know what I mean) . It drives Thomas (our pampered indoor cat) insane. He bats at the glass, hisses and bounces around trying to get outside in the worst way. He finally escaped and went charging out the door, down the steps and hit the brick patio at a dead run. When his tender toes hit that brick he nearly tripped over himself trying to stop and began to back pedal as fast as his furry toes would take him. He finally turned around and galloped back into the house before I had time to put my shoes on to chase him. He hasn't even bothered looking in the direction of the door since. LOL!!! I do pity those poor cats who sit outside the door, and I think they taunt Thomas because they are jealous of him. That's my story and I'm sticking with it! LOL

Well, my "vacation" is nearly at an end. I will go back to work tomorrow morning at 10 AM *sigh* I was hoping I could extend it a little while...but well, you know how life is. *Humming..."I owe, I owe, so off to work I go"*

Have a great evening! *Hugs*

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