Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season


There is so much going on I don't know where to start, so I'll start with a very sweet surprise! Dawn, a sweet friend from one of the yahoo groups I belong to sent me a package all the way from England. I thought she was sending a stamp album but that wasn't all she sent! I can't thank you enough, Dawn!!! You made my day!! Just take a look...

Dawn, you'll be pleased to know that your ornament is the first one on the tree. We set our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, added the lights, garland and the tree topper and that's as far as we got. I haven't had a chance to add any ornaments so yours was the first one on the tree. Here's the picture to prove it! LOL

My life is so chaotic right now I can't begin to tell you! It has suddenly gone crazy at work. People are coming out of the woodwork to begin to get things framed. Most of the crafts stores in the area have stopped taking Christmas orders, so they have begun to pour through our doors. My boss has begun advertising that we can still deliver for Christmas and if it's within our power, will do so until Christmas eve. Right now I'm the only one preparing things for framing and I'm hard pressed to keep up! Can you believe there are people walking into the shop asking for mats to be cut and popped into ready made frames while they wait? There are times I wish I had magical powers LOL!! The other three employees are having "issues". One was in a car accident last week and asked to take a few days off, another has injured her arm (dislocated shoulder) and can't do any fitting, the third is an older gentleman and only works about 8 hours a week so can't help much with the immense work load. The pressure is starting to get to me, but I just try to stay focused and get as much done as I can. This past Saturday my boss went out of town to a football game and everyone else decided they needed most of the day off, I was alone in the store for 5 hours trying to take orders, prepare some things for framing, popping things into ready made frames, and answering the phone. Thankfully I have today off and that's why you're hearing from me. I'll have one day off this week. I don't know what the week after that is going to be like, but hopefully I'll have the weekend after Christmas off...but I heard yesterday that one of the employees is going to ask for the entire week after Christmas off...mind you this is the one who works the least in the shop....*sigh* I'm tired just thinking about it! LOL This may be the last time you hear from me until after Christmas. So on that note....Merry Christmas to all and may you enjoy many blessings in the coming New Year!



Babs said...

Hi DJ! just followed you from Friendly Stitchers to your blog. You are just too busy, but love your blog and love your ornie from Dawn, and your jouster...a great undertaking that piece.
Please slow down and enjoy the season just a little bit?

Charlene said...

My word - they wouldn't try to blast you, would they? It's easy to say from outside, but take a deep breath, just do what you can do, and enjoy some time with your family!

Carolyn NC said...

My goodness - hope you get a break soon! What a wonderful gift from Dawn!

Kathy said...

Oh my, I am sure you are one tired lady. :( I do hope that you get some help and some free time to enjoy your Christmas and not just collapse because it is a day off. :) Take a few minutes for yourself to recharge.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

lenna said...

DJ ~
It sounds to me that we have the same job. I work at Hobby Lobby and don't know if there are any in that area! The people just do come out of the framework and we do have to take care of them. If you can't get any work done in the back cause you are out front helping people that is what you have to do. Just take a deep breath and try to enjoy, though it is so hard sometimes. Seems like people want it NOW and don't care if you can't do it.
We also have one in the frame shop who wants time off and doesn't do that much. Why is that?
I hope you have a great holiday, get some rest, stitch when you can and ENJOY what sounds like a beautiful family. I am trying to do the same. It doesn't help that we have had Christmas out since April. I will be SO glad when it is over. Inventory is next then it is smooth sailing until November again.
Lovely ornament and what a sweet surprise.
At least you have a tree up. We are going to have the floors done this year so I don't know when the tree will get put up, if at all. Maybe next year it will all be done and somewhat slower at work.
Do you ever take pictures of you Shadow boxes? I have started doing that after 11 years at HL.
Sorry, to just blab on but I don't meet framers very often. I also love my job just not all the politics that go with the job.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Take care and God Bless ~

nuffsaid said...

And here I thought that working in a shop like yours would be fun! It probably is except at Christmas time! Good luck with your work, and relax once Christmas is here. Carolyn