Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Knight!


Just finished the first knight in the joust scene so thought I would post a picture. As soon as I'm done here I'm going to start on the second knight. I'm amazed at how far I've come in such a short time, I'm so thankful I have a day off now and then that I can devote to working on this project.

I soooooooooo needed this day off, since I've put in some long hours at the store lately. I'm also thankful that we've been able to keep up with the workload and haven't fallen behind. It's a challenge daily as we are getting busier and busier. I think Michaels has stopped taking orders for Christmas delivery so I know we're going to get a surge soon of last minute projects for framing. Yesterday our due date was falling on the 19th, so today the due date will fall on the 20th and if I know my boss he'll be turning back the due date soon so we'll begin to have even more projects due each day. I wonder what my schedule is going to look like next week? LOL I'm dreading the next few weeks!! I wish I could take pictures to show you some of the interesting things I've been framing lately. It's such a cultural melting pot here near the nation's capital and we get the most interesting things to frame. Yesterday I worked on a shadowbox for a retiring police officer. When I get back I'll have a few sports jerseys to frame. I really do love my job!

DS has been researching colleges he would like to attend. Last I heard he is planning on attending one that is near enough that he can commute from home. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'm sure he should have some independence, but it sure would lower the cost of his college to live at home. He's also stressing over his grade point average which is near 3.9. He's wise to keep an eye on that as he's looking for his next alma mater. I think I have a wise son...or at least in this department at the moment.

I loved my time at college, learning to manage money for myself, take care of my own room, share a space with another human being (DS is an only child and really needs to learn to share living quarters!) learning to cook (I failed miserably in that department, just as DH! LOL) and all the other things that you learn when you depend upon yourself. Not to mention the fun time you have as a young adult learning to socialize as an adult. It's been fun reliving youth vicariously through my son. Is this my second childhood? Scary thought! LOL

Well the big snowstorm that hit the country managed to miss us yesterday. We got some slushy rain, but no snow and other than quite an accumulation of water in some places, we didn't have any freezing. This has happened in the past. The snow hits north of us and the freezing rain hits south of us and we mainly get heavy rain. I think it's all the hot air over Washington that spares us from the truly yucky weather. Thank you Mr. Obama. Oh...was that politically incorrect? So sorry *grin*!

Guess I should stop this prattle for now and go work on my knight in shining armor. Hope everyone is warm and dry and safe this evening.



Michelle said...

The knight looks great! I also love TW designs :)

Have a great day!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW your knight is awesome!