Monday, December 21, 2009

Digging out

Here I am again! I survived the storm but it will be a while before all the snow is gone. The final tally was *drum roll please* 21 inches! It was a record for the month of December in the state of Maryland, and in one storm we beat the average annual precipitation amount. Now the next few days will be a challenge!

Some folks from northern regions was nothing! We deal with that all winter long and find ways to enjoy the snow. Well...that's all well and good if you live where there is plenty of equipment and money set aside to deal with such a large snowfall. But here in the mid-Atlantic regions we do not have the resources. Therefore a large storm like this leaves us incapacitated for a much longer time. Not to mention that most folks here don't know how to drive in the snow. I grew up in northern New York and cut my driving teeth on ice and snow. It's the other maniacs out there that don't have those skills I worry about! LOL I was the second person on our street to venture out yesterday and though the plow had
made one pass down our street, I pretty much had to cut my own path out to the main road which still had packed snow. I only live 4 miles from work, but I was shaking by the time I got there from the drive. I saw a lot of cars in the ditches along the way.

The weather is supposed to warm up during the day and refreeze at night for the next few days and then Christmas eve we are supposed to get rain. I'm dreading the drive to work today. I worked 8 hours yesterday and will work 10 hour days the next three. Thankfully Christmas Eve we will close early. My boss did run out and pick up someone to come in and help. She's a college student who just finished up her semester and will be able to help over the Christmas break. She finished up a jersey I had already stitched down and I was so thankful! I've done quite a few now and still have a couple more, but with the extra help now I think we'll be in good shape to get things done by Christmas. Even with the help I'm still half a day behind. This will be a Christmas to remember! LOL

Here are some shots of the aftermath. Of course, DS had to shovel snow in his shorts. I swear one day we'll be hauled into court for child neglect. He seems to think he's invincible, but what 14 year old doesn't?

Hee hee, I forgot to mention that DS went to his first "senior" party last Friday. DS is a freshman in high school and was a member of the marching band. He made friends with the drum major and other members of the band. She invited him to her birthday party. I give my son a lot of credit, because he took his time deciding whether or not to attend this party. He took the time to find out if her parents would be there, if there were other kids his age attending, then talked to us before making a decision. Of course we also talked to her parents. I'm pretty impressed with my son...and not just because he's my son...well maybe a little LOL I've always liked his choice of friends and he is considerate of us when he makes decisions like this one, finding out all the facts before he asked permission. My baby is growing up!

On that note, I'll be heading upstairs to get ready to battle another day in the trenches. *sigh* I don't want Christmas to be over, but I'll be glad when all this work is done and I can relax. Everyone has asked for the weekend after Christmas off (including me) but since I've done the majority of work, I think I should get the weekend off...what do you think? Shall I give you the work e-mail address and you can flood my bosses e-mail with your responses? Just kidding, my boss would not be happy, and we can't have an unhappy boss! LOL Off I go!


nutmegg said...

Hi DJ,teenagers are 10foot tall and bullet proof and you have done a great job bringing up your son,now take care on the roads. Merry Christmas to you and your family all the way from "SUNNY AUSTRALIA" had to add that....xoxo

Jo said...

Typical teenager isn't he, how they don't feel the cold is a mystery LOL! He's a credit to you I just hope my 2 are as sensible when they're his age. Merry Christmas xx