Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Blizzard!

It's a snow day!

I got up at 6 AM, fixed a hearty breakfast, watched the weather reports, got myself ready for work, shoveled the sidewalk, cleaned off my van and called my boss. He was doing the same thing (imagine that!). He asked me to wait before I left because he wanted to
see what it was like out there, then called me back and told me to take the day off! So, I went back to bed LOL In a way I'm very relieved! In a way I'm scared. I didn't get as much work done yesterday as I would have liked and I know it will be waiting for me when I go back tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have been dug out by then. The snow is still falling (last count was 16 inches at 3PM) and is supposed to continue until 6AM tomorrow morning. I've got some pictures taken around 3 to show you what's up.

Well, since I couldn't go to work, I decided to work on my Camelot Sampler. It's coming along, though not as quickly as I would like. I think there will be some down time after Christmas so hopefully it'll move along more quickly then. I'm dying inside because though I love working on this piece, there was another I was hoping to have as my New Year start. I showed pictures of it before, but it's Thea Gouverneur's pattern "London". Ah well, it will have to wait because the wedding won't!

Ok, just wanted to post something since I had a free day, now I'm off to stitch! Hope everyone is safe and warm wherever you are!



Jo said...

Wonderful DJ. My stitching is nearly at a standstill now school is out for xmas, cant stitch with a bored 3 & 5yr old. They're annoyed as its snowed but not enough to play properly....thank heaven!

Usefularts said...

If I wasn't well aware that you would leave me behind and make me look very bad, I'd start London with you! Hope you're having a good Holiday..............Pat