Thursday, July 23, 2009

Find a penny, pick it up...

And all the day you'll have good luck! I found a penny in the parking lot on my way into work today, and I had the best day! I'm so grateful because the past few days have been complete chaos! I almost passed it by and decided I needed all the luck I could I back tracked and picked it up. Then when my co-worker showed up, she said she had found a penny in Safeway and had picked it up for the same reason! LOL So we had double the luck today! I have tomorrow off, and I left work with so much accomplished and all kinds of work laid out for the people who will be in tomorrow. Now if they do their part, we'll finally be caught up! Whew! What a challenge, since when I went back to work a few weeks ago, they were already three weeks behind! I've been training new people and working my tail off, sorting out mistakes and working out missing projects and I think I'm finally back on track. It's downhill from here!

Still missing DS though he has called three times this week (asking for money...what else?) but it's good to hear his voice. He'll be home at 7 AM on Saturday. Can't wait to give him a squeeze!

I'm hoping to stitch tomorrow, and if all goes well, I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow of my progress. Then I'll be working all weekend so no progress will be made then. Can't wait for the boss to get back! Maybe then I'll get some relief from the stress.

Ok, off to stitch. Just had to give a good report of my day! (Finally!)


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nutmegg said...

Hi DJ,I'm glad things are going better for you,you must be tired as it was such a short post for you....have a peaceful day....Margaret....xoxo