Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another finish!

Good evening! Just had to share what I've been up to between working and looking after my family...Above is the center part of my Carnation Quaker Sampler. I charted the lettering myself (woo hoo!) and I like the way it came out. I enjoyed working on this sampler (below is the entire finished project) but I'm glad now that it's done. I've been working on this for so long and it's time to move on.
Below is the A Stitch A Week Stitch a Long with the yahoo group Friendly Stitchers. I love working out what fibers to use and learning the new stitches that go along with this project. Week 30 is already out, and I've pulled the threads, I just wanted to show you that I'm progressing, and almost caught up!
The boss returns Friday at my job (giving thanks in a BIG way!). I am ready for a vacation after the stress of the past two weeks. As my coworker says, I'm the glue that holds the store together. LOL I don't know if I would go that far, but I did feel like I carried a heavy load for the past two weeks.

Ok, time to get off this thing and relax. Thanks for visiting. *Hugs*


Bizzie Fingers said...

Wow, Wow Wow..That is a beauty! How long did the quaker sampler take?

Im loving the SAL too, Im going to check out that group, looks like its challenging and fun!

Hope you have a great vacation, sounds like you need a little down time, after the last couple of weeks!! enjoy yourself!!

Kathy said...

Your Quaker piece is just breath taking. Gorgeous work.
And that SAL is really great. I like that each uses a different stitch.